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Bus from Ibague to Cali

I took the 0930 bus from Ibague to Cali on a Sunday morning in September. The company I used was Flota Magdalena. Cost 44,000 pesos which was 12 Euro at

Bus from Bogota to Ibague

I took a bus from Bogota to Ibague in central Columbia. The total journey time was five hours. I used the Boliveriano Tecnovans service. It was a bus, not a

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Stopover in Ibague Colombia

On my way down south, I took time to visit Ibague in central Colombia. This week’s short video is a quick look at the city.

Arrivals in August 2019 in the Canary Islands.

The below summary is for arrivals into the Canary Islands airports on non-stop flights in August 2019. August was another tough month for international visitors to the Canary Islands. International

A week in Bogota Colombia. A summary.

Here is a summary of a week I spent in Bogota. There will be other blogs that go into what to see and where to go. The review here is

Bogota Colombia. Undiscovered and underrated.

Time to start moving. After two weeks in Medellin, I headed to the bus station for my trip to the Colombian capital Bogota. The bus company said it would not

A week in Bogota Colombia

A short video of my second stop on my South American adventure. The Colombian Captial Bogota. Eight million people live in this bustling city. It has an edge many places

Medellin Bogota bus. 11 hours on the road.

The bus I travelled on was the 0640 from Medellin. I used the Bolivariano bus company. The cost was 55,000 peso’s 14.55 Euro for a single journey for Medellin Bogota

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Medellin Colombia visit − Two weeks in Medellin

I spent two weeks on a visit to Medellin Colombia in August 2019. There are many great blogs about Medellin Colombia. They advise on what to see and where to

Medellin makeover

Monday 22nd Aug 2019 I am becoming quite an expert on the Medellin metro. I am very impressed with the Metro here. It is clean and efficient, and the locals