From here to God knows where.

South America adventure. A six-month journey.

I cannot believe how quickly six months have passed. My South America adventure is coming to an end. Usually, when I go away for a few months, I get a

The parks of Palermo Buenos Aires.

A look at some of the beautiful parks around Palermo Buenos Aires.

Argentina’s Irish Dictator and wearing watches.

I have seen a lot of Buenos Aires so far, and there is a lot more to see. I did fancy getting outside the city, and on Monday I took

Daytrip to Tigre on the Parana Delta.

Less than one hour by train from Buenos Aires is the town of Tigre. It is on the Parana delta and is well worth a visit. A short video of

Argentina is like Netflix only better.

Politics is never straight forward. Argentinas politics even more so. In this country, the past is never far away from the present. One of the most recent political controversies in

Buenos Aires City Centre.

A look around the centre of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Buenos Aires Argentina.

Military strongmen v Mothers.

On Tuesday I checked off one of the places I wanted to visit during my stay in Buenos Aires. I walked the 5km from my apartment to La Recoleta Cemetery.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires.

In 1977 during a military dictatorship, a dozen mothers began marching outside the Presidental palace in Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires. They were looking for information about their children who

Economic crisis. Hit and miss food. Buenos Aires you be crazy not to visit.

One of the first things you will need to do on arrival in Argentina is to get some Pesos. Because the Argentine economy seems to have a financial crisis about

San Telmo Market Buenos Aires. Stalls and Tango.

A short video as I walk through the famous San Telmo Sunday Market in Buenos Aires. Food, beer, crafts and tango, You will find it all here.