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57 varieties of moods

Fifteen days now to my 57th birthday. I am not sure why it has become important to me. I have never been a birthday person.

57 is not even an exciting number. The only thing that stands out about the number 57 is as a child seeing adverts on TV by Heinz claiming to have 57 varieties of Ketchup.

It was in 1896 Henry John Heinz claimed to have 57 varieties of Ketchup. I cannot remember seeing Heinz hitting 58 varieties. 123 years is a long time to come up with one more recipe. Maybe 57 is an age you run out of ideas.

My moods are currently swaying on a minute by minute basis. Happy to be enjoying a one euro coffee in the sun overlooking the sea to wanting to live in a cave on my own the next minute.

I have thought about another trip away, but maybe it would be for the wrong reasons. The previous trips I had a plan. It may not have worked out, but at least it was a plan.

I don’t have the money for it anyway but maybe I have a BIT of money.

Bitcoin or Shitcoin

I do have some bitcoin. For anyone that now is thinking of hacking my computer and account it is a bit of a bit of a bit of a bitcoin. Unless you earn one dollar a day it’s not worth your time.

If you do earn one dollar a day let me know and I will send you a dollar. Just send me your bank account details.

I do think Cryptocurrency is a fantastic idea. Some 1.7 billion people have no access to a bank account. I believe giving two people the ability to make a transaction online without the involvement of a bank or third party is a good thing.

I remember travelling on a bus in the mountains of Laos in S.E Asia. I was struck how many people were sitting outside poorly constructed huts. Later I was talking to a girl working in a bar. She told me her elderly parents live in the mountains. They sat outside every day, waiting for meal time.

I am sure that few if any of the people sitting outside their huts had access to a bank. I wonder how many potential entrepreneurs may have sat outside their houses but never got an opportunity to find out.

Am I becoming a Libertarian

Some banks have banned their customers from buying Cryptocurrency. I am not making a case for Bitcoin, but how can a bank tell anyone what they can buy with their own money. Bitcoin is not illegal.

Where there is an idea there are snake oil salesmen

So do I still believe in Bitcoin? Not really to be honest. Like all good ideas, an industry of bullshit always follows.

Google is a perfect example of this. There was a time I worked as a consultant for a Dublin Hotel. I had daily requests to meet people that claimed they could have the hotel ranked number 1 on google search.

I soon learned they could not. From then on when I used to meet these people I used to say they were all chancers. They would reply that I was correct. All were bluffers but they alone were different. I pointed out that everyone I met also said that.

The cryptocurrency snake oil salespeople can be found online. They desire fame, followers and money. Funnily enough, they prefer cash over crypto. They warn you that all other rival crypto experts are fake, but they alone are different. Where have I heard that before?

I am a time-traveller from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing.

There is one bitcoin guy that claims he has come from the future. He has travelled from 2025. Not that far away. You might still be alive then so it might be of interest to you.

He claims Bitcoin has led to the destruction of the financial system. There are no governments in 2025. It looks like some recently elected European MEPs might not even get to sit a full term. He does not mention Brexit.

Anyway, as you may have suspected, it does not end well. Anyone that has some bitcoin will be super wealthy but not very popular. He says the Bitcoiners will live in isolated gated cities called Citadels where Mr Friedman rules as a king.

Great I finally become rich, and I won’t even be able to walk outside my castle. To make it worse, I don’t get to be the king.

I am always amazed at how many of these Crypto experts reference the guy from the future and how near we are to becoming millionaires. They always seem to forget the part where everyone else is trying to kill us.

Bitcoin is over ten years old. The main problem is that no one spends it. There are no significant levels of transactions between people who own bitcoin. People are keeping it. When will they sell it? At 10,000. 100,000. 1,000,000. Maybe at 1 dollar?

Just in case the guy from the future is the real deal you need to know. You can take my life but you will never take my bit of a bit of a bit of bitcoinnnnnnnnnnnn.

Tauro Valley shifting sands and stories

It is a story I briefly touched on in a previous blog, but I returned to Tauro beach for another visit.

The Norwegian Anfi group are a significant player in the leisure market in Gran Canaria. They have built the amazing Anfi del Mar resort on the southwest coast of the Island.

It is a fantastic development with hundreds of high-end timeshare apartments built. They even have a beach with sand from the Caribbean.

Timeshares have always attracted controversy. A lot of timeshare contacts are in perpetuity. That means the contract has no end date.

Because of this, many people have been pursued for annual fees to their last days. There have been cases where people in nursing homes have been chased for yearly fees.

To most people, Tauro looked an unremarkable area. Just another place on the coast between Puerto Rico and Puerto Mogan. The Anfi Group have a different vision. A 5-star resort. Who can say Anfi are wrong. They have a good track record 5km away in Anfi Del Mar.

Standing on the beach, you can get an idea of the Anfi dream. The valley looks a lot like how nearby Puerto Rico must have looked before it was developed into a popular resort.

Lifes a beach

Tauro beach in its previous existence was a rocky black volcanic sand beach. There are many similar beaches all over Gran Canaria. This type of beach was not part of the Anfi group plans for the new dream resort.

Getting golden sand proved a problem in Gran Canaria so, Anfi had to go a bit farther. Morroco or maybe not.

It is alleged that the 70,000 tons of golden sand came from Western Sahara. The problem with that is Morroco has occupied Western Sahara since the 1970s. The Anfi group has denied this.

So what is the problem where the sand comes from? The problem is there is a U.N resolution saying you cannot take natural resources from an occupied country unless it benefits the local people.

The Spanish Civil Guard intercepted a Dutch ship delivering sand from Western Sahara. The sand was unloaded without any local government supervision.

As the matter is under investigation, the beach is closed to the public. Not really. In fact, the new beach has become a big hit with locals and tourists.

Some small local business has received an unlikely boost from the popularity of the new beach. The local bar Pio Pio has become a cool place to eat and drink. At weekends it can be difficult to get a table.

I am sure the Anfi group will get their dream resort in the end. Power and money always win out in these type of situations.

Last year 13 shanty houses were demolished without any authorisation. Anfi said they did not need to give authorisation as they own the land.

I have to admit I do like the new beach. However, I think this part of Gran Canaria is losing its character. Does the Island need more concrete developments? I think not.

To see a short video of the Playa Tauro click here.

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