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A week in Bogota Colombia. A summary.

Here is a summary of a week I spent in Bogota. There will be other blogs that go into what to see and where to go. The review here is my general view of a week in Bogota.

Is Bogota safe? A week Bogota

I can only speak about my own experience. During my stay, I had no safety issues in my one week in Bogota. I walked a lot of the city centre during the daytime including the part where tourists don’t usually go.

There is a significant police presence in the main tourist areas many with dogs. I had no problems asking them directions and they were very helpful. They are unlikely to speak English.

week in bogota

At nighttime, I socialised in areas where there were many people gathered. I had no safety issues in these places.

There will be people who will approach you for money but not in an aggressive way. Many are selling various items.

week in bogota

Where to stay in Bogota

I stayed in the Candelaria area of Bogota. Many people online recommend not to stay here. I had no issues. The Candelaria has a small square where mostly students hang out.

On most nights you will see people playing music. There are street comedy acts and theatre. The best time to visit here is during the weekend.

week in Bogota

There are also a number of bars and restaurants in this area of the Candelaria. I socialised in this area without any problems at night but did not stray too far away.

What is the weather like in Bogota?

I stayed a week in early September. Bogota does not have seasons. The weather does not change that much month to month.

week in Bogota

During the week I was in Bogota, my daily experience was. Mornings were cool, maybe 10c. The day started to warm up around 11 am, and by 2 pm 20c was possible.

It started to get cooler by 430 pm and nights were even cooler with below 10c normal.

Transport in Bogota

I walked a lot in Bogota during the day but did use transport at nighttime. I used a taxi once from a taxi rank at the main bus station. There is a taxi rank, and a person took me to the taxi rank.

week in Bogota

I mostly used Uber, and all my trips went ok. I was never waiting more than 10 minutes. Bogota has some of the worst rush hour traffic I have ever seen. I would advise not using taxis during rush hour as you will spend a lot of time going nowhere.

The main form of public transport in the city is the TransMilenio system. These long buses run on dedicated bus lanes. I did not use as Uber was reasonably cheap.

week in Bogota

Places to see in Bogota

There are many great places to see. I am going to recommend three as this post is more a summary.

Monserrate Bogota cable car

The most popular attraction in Bogota for locals and tourists. The cable car is near the historic area. Once on top, there is a church and a spectacular view of Bogota.

week in Bogota

The cost of the cable car is minimal but is even cheaper on Sundays and public holidays. Sunday is the most popular day. Be prepared to wait in long queues to purchase tickets and wait your turn to board the cable car.

You can also walk up or down but there have been reported muggings on this walk.

Free walking tours

Everywhere, I go I start a trip by using free walking tours. They are a great cheap introduction to any city. You are expected to give a tip at the end of the tour. I use this free tour website, but there are others.

week in bogota

Plaza de Bolivar

This is the place most tourists will end up at some stage of their visit. The Plaza is a hub of activity. There you will see many people trying to make a living by selling items and by doing street entertainment.

The best day to visit here is on Sundays. The Plaza and adjoining streets are packed with people enjoying the end of the weekend.

Who is Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela and is one of the most important people in South America’s history.

He helped five countries to gain independence from the Spanish. Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Bolivia is named after him.

He first liberated Venezuela and continued his campaign from there.

It did not end well for Simon, but I will let you find out that as you discover Bogota.

Where is Bogota?

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It has over eight million inhabitants. It is located on the eastern Andes. Bogota is over 2,400 meters above sea level. The city is the 3rd highest capital city in the world.

As Bogota is the capital, it attracts people from all over Colombia looking for opportunity. You will find all types of Colombian society in Bogota.

week in Bogota

Bogota history

The city was founded by the Muisca. The Spanish arrived in 1537, and they had several clashes with the Muisca.

The Muisca leader Bogotá was eventually killed by the Spanish. The Spanish then officially founded the city in 1538.

Gay Bogota

Bogota has one of the biggest LBGT scenes in South America. If you in Bogota you have to check out the largest gay nightclub in the world.

The Theatron can accommodate 5,000 people. It is located in the Chapinero district.

It has 13 different dance floors. Live acts. A rooftop lounge and one of the dance floors are exclusively for women. The club is so popular that it attracts a mixed crowd. Gay and straight.

The night I visited I paid 55,000 pesos entrance. Drinks shorts were free inside once you paid the entrance fee.

If you have any questions on Bogota that I may be able to help, please let me know. You can contact me here on this email.

I enjoyed Bogota, and I am sure you will too.

week in Bogota

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