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Arrivals in August 2019 in the Canary Islands.

The below summary is for arrivals into the Canary Islands airports on non-stop flights in August 2019.

August was another tough month for international visitors to the Canary Islands. International visitors arriving at the Canary Islands airports were down 6.7% v August 2018.

Visitors from Mainland Spain were up 6.1% v August 2018. Overall visits are down 1.6%. International visits are more important as they stay longer.

Did this blog call the German recession first? Recent statistics are showing a possible slowdown in Germany. The tourist numbers for the Canarys have shown a massive downturn in German arrivals for all months of 2019 to date.

Arrivals from Germany are down 24.6% or 61,000 people in August 2019 v August 2018. Visits from the Netherlands are down 9.7% v August 2018.

Despite Brexit worries, the critical U.K market is proving resilient in 2019 to date. U.K visitors were up 0.5% v August 2018. Ireland, the third-largest market in August, had the biggest % increase up 12.6% v August 2018.


Tenerife is the star performer in the Canary Islands in 2019 to date. International visitors are down just 671 people or 0.2% v August 2018. Mainland Spain visits are up 5.7%. Overall visitors are up 1.9% v August 2019.

The number 1 market the U.K is up 4.3% v August 2018.

The biggest declines are the German market down 20.8% and the Netherlands down 4.3%. Is it time to call a Dutch recession?

Gran Canaria

If Tenefire is top of the class, then Gran Canaria due to its size can be said to be the underachiever. International visitors are down a massive 13.8% v August 2018.

German arrivals are down 29.2% August 2018. The U.K market is down by 6.6%. Mainland Spain visitors are up 5.7%. Overall visitors are down 5.1%.

The massive fire in the interior of the island did not help, but international visitors are down all months in 2019 to date.


Lanzarote similar to Tenerife, is another Island that is performing well in a declining market. International visitors are down just 1% v August 2018. Mainland Spain visitors are up 3.5%. Overall visitors are up 0.4%.

Lanzarote is the favourite island of the Irish. Irish visitors are up 15.8% v August 2018. The German market is showing the biggest decline at 24.1% v August 2018.


International visitors to Fuerteventura are down 15.1% v August 2018. Mainland Spain visitors are up 13.8%. Overall visits are down 7.4% v August 2108. The biggest % decline of all the Islands.

The Germans used to love Fuerteventura. 25.2% fewer Germans arrived in Fuerteventura in August v August 2018. The German market is a crucial market for the Island, so when it declines, the island suffers.

The U.K market was the biggest market for the Island, but that was also down 4% v August 2019.


2019 has seen a decline in international visits to the Canary Islands, but there are two keys points to take into consideration.

Overall visits to the Canary Islands are down v 2018, but we need to look at Island by Island.

Tenerife is holding its own and is attracting almost the same number of visitors as in 2018.

Lanzarote is also doing well and is also holding onto its tourist numbers v 2018.

Gran Canaria is the big underperformer in 2019 to date. International visitors have been down each month Jan to Aug 2019. At the same time prices have increased each month.

Fuerteventura is a victim that the German market is a key market for the Island. When that drops the Island suffers.

The Canary Islands are coming off record tourist numbers in the past few years. Some decline was to be expected.

Now the summer is over attention turns to the Scandanavia market. This is a key winter market. Last year it declined. It will be interesting to see if that continues or stabilises.

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