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Bus from Bogota to Ibague. Five hours on the road.

I took a bus from Bogota to Ibague in central Columbia. The total journey time was five hours.

I used the Boliveriano Tecnovans service. It was a bus, not a van. The cost was 26,500 pesos.

Bogota Ibague bus

The bus to Ibague departs from Bogota’s Terminal Salitre. The Terminal is around 10km from the main city centre.

I would advise giving yourself a minimum of 90 minutes to get to the bus station. Bogota traffic is one of the worst I have seen. I took a taxi to the terminal, and it cost 20,000 pesos.

Bogota Ibague bus

You can buy your ticket at Bogota’s Terminal Salitre. I bought my ticket online on Busbud . Busbud was 3,500 pesos cheaper than the bus companies own website. Crazy but true.

I had to check in at a desk which is right next to the area you can board the bus. This area was the blue zone. That, of course, could change.

Bogota Ibague bus

The bus is very basic. The seats are old but comfortable. There is a basic toilet in the back. The bus had Wifi but only strong enough for opening sites such as Facebook and Whatsapp. There were no power points.

The bus took two hours to get out of Bogota. It stops at an exterior bus station. It also picked up more passengers at various stops as it made its way out of Bogota. The bus was 25% full when it left the main station and 75% full by the time it left Bogota.

Bogota Ibague bus

Once the bus got out of Bogota, it took three hours to get to Ibague. The road is one of the better roads in Columbia. The bus stopped a few times to let people off.

There was no stop for refreshments. Ibague bus terminal is close to the city centre.

Bogota Ibague bus

Ibague Colombia

I was on route to Cali in southern Colombia and took the opportunity to check out Ibague Colombia.

The city is the capital of Tolima and is part of the coffee region. It has a population of 500,000 people.

The city is known as the music capital of Colombia.

Ibague does not have any major tourist attractions, but it is a nice easy going place to break a journey. It is not Medellin or Bogota but, if you have the time, it is worth checking out for a day or two.

The town centre has a basic look, but there are market stalls on many of the side streets. This gives the area a unique atmosphere. You can find almost anything you might want here.

At the top of the main street, there is a small nice park to sit out in.

In my three days, I felt very safe in Ibague. The city felt is a bit more prosperous than other Colombian cities I had visited.

As the city does not get many tourists, I had no one trying to hustle me.

Ibague has a hot climate. During my stay days were mid-30s Celsius and low 20c at night.

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