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Popayan Bus station

Bus from Cali to Popayan in less than 3 hours.

Cali bus station is called terminal de transporte. It is quite central and is about 2km from El Centro. Getting the bus from Cali to Popayan is quite easy.

The station is large, and there are many places to have something to eat and drink before your journey. It also has one of the better websites for bus stations in Colombia.

Bus from Cali to Popayan.

Getting the bus from Cali to Popayan is quite easy. There are many options, and buses frequently leave from early in the day.

Bus from Cali to Popayan

There are numerous companies that go-between Cali and Popayan. These are located on the second floor of Cali terminal de transporte.

Competition is keen, and staff try to coax people to their ticket windows but not in an aggressive way. It might be worth checking the website before you arrive at the terminal, so you have an idea of which company suits you best.

Search for Popayan, and you will see the various companies going to Popayan. It will also give a guide on price and times.

terminal de transporte. Cali

I chose Velotax. It was more of a car/van than a bus. It seated seven passengers. There was plenty of room for my backpack.

The reason I went with this choice was that it is faster. The distance is 140km. It took 2 hours and 50 minutes. It took 50 minutes to get to the outskirts of Cali. I travelled on a Sunday, so I am sure Cali traffic is heavier midweek.

Cali to Popayan  bus

The van departed once they had seven passengers. This took approximately 25 minutes. The road is of a good standard for Colombia.

The journey finished at Popayan bus terminal.

The cost was 27,000 pesos which came to 7.20 euro at the time.

I did see some companies offering fares from 16,000 pesos so if you want cheaper and have more time there are other options.

There was basic wifi onboard. I could use Facebook and Whatsapp but could not open websites.

Cali to Popayan  bus

Travel tip

If you are taking one of the larger buses, it is worth your while checking if the bus is starting from Cali. Some of these buses journeys start from as far away as Bogota. It is quite common for these buses to be hours late at stops along the route.


Popayan itself is well worth a stopover. It is known as the white city. The buildings in the historical area and surrounding streets are all white.

The city has been prone to earthquakes over the years. The last major earthquake was in 1983 when many historic buildings were destroyed. Some have been restored since.

The city was founded by the Spanish in 1573 and has been an important city politically and culturally ever since.

The city has a very nice climate. Daytime temperatures are usually low to mid 20c and nighttime 12c.

The historic area is around 15 minutes by taxi from the bus station.

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Enjoy your stay in Popayan.

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