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Bus from Ibague to Cali. 9.5 hours on the road.

I took the 0930 Ibague Cali bus on a Sunday morning in September. The company I used was Flota Magdalena. Cost 44,000 pesos which was 12 Euro at the time.

Distance 265km. Time advised journey would take 7 hours. The actual time of the journey was 9.5 hours. Kilometres per hour 30km for the Ibague Cali bus.

bus Ibague Cali

The bus departed from Terminal de Transportes in Ibague. The terminal is near the city centre.

There are a number of places to eat and drink at the terminal. There are many bus companies selling tickets here.

You need to find the bus operator that is going to Cali and at the time that suits you.

I booked my ticket at the Flota Magdalena desk 20 minutes before scheduled departure. I was able to pay with a card. There is a good chance that the bus to Cali has started somewhere else.

For example, the bus departed from Bogota and Ibague is a stop on the way. Because of this, the bus may not leave at the scheduled time. My 0930 bus departed at 0955.

bus Ibague Cali

You will need to show your ticket to a member of staff as you go to the departure bay. These are very near the ticket desks.

A member of staff will put your luggage into the storage area of the bus. You will be given a ticket for your luggage.

bus Ibague Cali

The bus was an old bus. The seats, although, old were comfortable and there was plenty of leg space. The bus had wifi that worked 60% of the time. When the wifi worked, you could do basic stuff such as facebook and Whatapp. Logging onto a website was not possible. I could not see any charge points.

There was a basic toilet at the back. Two movies in Spanish were shown during the journey.

The bus did have one rest stop for food and drink. Unfourtanly as the bus had originated in Bogota, the rest stop was 10 minutes after I had got on the bus. There was no other stop, but people did come on the bus at times selling water and basic food.

For the first five and a half hours, the bus went mostly down a mountain. As this is the main road from Bogota to the south, the road is full of commercial traffic.

This means that this part of the journey is one long traffic jam. It was like travelling in a convoy.

We did come across a truck that had broken down on the road. This caused havoc and added another hour to the journey. I am sure this must happen quite frequently. Road works also added an hour.

The bus stopped at Armenia bus station. From there on the road was a lot better with some motorway sections.

There did seem to be some new sections of the road been built on the mountain part of the journey. This should help when opened.

Cali bus station is large and busy. You should be very aware of your valuables here. I asked a security guard about the taxis. He was good enough to take me to the taxi rank and made sure the driver had the meter on.

Enjoy Cali.

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