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Canary Islands September 2019 hotel/apartment prices.

September 2019 was a month that saw international visitors flying into Canary Islands airports down 10.3% on the previous September.

It was also a month when occupancy at hotels and apartments hit 79% down 3.3% on v Sept 2018.

Did lower visitor numbers and occupancy mean lower prices? Not really.

Actually the average daily price for hotels and apartments for all the Canary Islands together was 79.00 euro up 2.4% on Sept 2018.

3.3% less occupancy at hotels/apartments has been somewhat recovered by hotels with 2.4% higher prices.


Lanzarote led the way in September and had the highest occupancy at 87.2%. This was down 1.9% v Sept 2018.

The average daily price charged for hotel rooms /apartments was 82.60 euro in Sept 2019. This was 8.4% more than Sept 2018.

If we look at the price for hotel rooms and not including apartments, the average daily price for a hotel room was 94.90 euro in Sept 2019, the highest of all the islands. A massive 12.1% more than in Sept 2018. Crisis what crisis.


Tenerife came in second in terms of occupancy at 81.8% for Sept 2019. This was was down 3% v Sept 2019. Probably the biggest drop so far in 2019. Tenerife has been holding up well so far in 2019.

So how did the island do on the price for Sept 2019?

The average daily price charged for hotels/apartments in Sept 2019 was 79.90 euro. That was up 2.1% v Sept 2018.

Apartments charged on average 61.30 euro a day up 9.6% v Sept 2018. Hotel rooms cost a bit less at 86.30 euro a day down 0.2% v Sept 2018.


In the third position of the big four islands was Fuerteventura. Occupancy in Sept 2019 for hotels/apartments was 79.20%. That is down 8.8% v Sept 2018. That is the biggest % drop of all. The decline in the German market is the key factor here.

The average daily price charged for an apartment/hotel was 83.80 euro. That is 1% less than Sept 2018. The only island where prices dropped in Sept 2019 v Sept 2018.

Fuerteventura had the lowest price for an apartment in Sept 2019. The average daily price for an apartment was 49.10 euro. That was 1.6% less than Sept 2018.

Gran Canaria

As has been the case for most of 2019 Gran Canaria is the worse performer. Occupancy levels for hotels/apartments were 73.10% in Sept 2019. The one bit of good news is that it was down just 0.81% v Sept 2018. That was the lowest % decline of the main islands.

The average daily price for a hotel/apartment was 75.10 euro the lowest of the big four islands in Sept 2019. It was still 1% more than Sept 2018.


From what I can see, I don’t think the collapse of Thomas Cook had a big effect on September numbers to the Canaries. Thomas Cook went under in late September. October numbers will show a clearer picture.

September did not see any discounting in price in reaction to lower international visitors. Prices actually increased in Sept 2019 v Sept 2018.

It will be interesting to see if the strategy of maintaining or increasing the price with lower numbers will be continued for the last quarter of 2019.

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