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Canary Islands tourist arrivals March 2019

Time for a look at the monthly arrival numbers into the Canary Islands. This report is a look at arrivals from direct flights onto the islands in March 2019. As soon as I have hotel occupancy and prices charged in March 2019 I will update the report.

The U.K market as has been the case so far this year is holding up well on 2018. There were 473,874 arrivals from the U.K on the Islands in March up 1% on March 2018.

303,177 Germans visited the Canaries in March. That is 3.8% down on March 2018 and also down 3.8% year to date v same time 2018.

The Swedish market continues downwards trend in 2019.

Swedish visitors were down 16.8% on March 2018. Denmark down 16.7%. Finland, Norway and the Netherlands were much the same as March 2018.

43,000 fewer Swedes have visited the Canary Islands in the first three months of 2019 v same time 2018. That is down 16.6%

Who is up on 2018

Irish visitors are up 6.2%. Italy up 10% and France up 9.6% in March 2019 v March 2018.

The Italian increase is interesting as their economy is close to recession. One reason may be a large number of Italians have moved to the Islands to retire or work in recent years. There is currently a substantial growing Italian population living in Las Palmas Gran Canaria.

Overall numbers March 2019

International visitors to the Canary Islands are down just 1.9% in March 2019 v March 2018. Visitors from the Spanish mainland are up 5.4%. Overall visitors are down just 0.1% in March 2018. International visitors stay longer than Spanish mainland visitors.

Easter factor

Easter maybe effecting some numbers. Easter Sunday in 2018 was the 01st of April. In 2019 it on the 21st of April. Looking at U.K school holidays they seem to have been early April last year so it would not make big difference. Other countries may be different.

A look at each Island


Tenerife did well in March 2019 v March 2018. International visitors arriving at the Islands Airports are up 2.9%. Mainland Spain visitors are up 8%. Overall visitors are up 4.1%.

The U.K is by far the biggest market for Tenerife. 205,502 people arrived in Tenerife in March from the U.K in March. That is up 4.9% v March 2018.

86,164 people flew in from Germany down 6.1% from March 2018. Next non-Spanish highest visitors were from Belgium at 22,786 down 3.2%. Swedish visitors are down 11.5% from March 2018.

Gran Canaria

International visitors to Gran Canaria were down 2.2% in March 2019 v March 2018. Spanish mainland visitors were up 4%. Overall visitors are down 0.9% v March 2018.

Germans were the number 1 international visitors flying into Gran Canaria in March 2019 at 111,064 up 9.3% on March 2018.

The UK at 67,544 was the second biggest international market from Gran Canaria down 5.9%. Swedish visitors are down 18.6% and Norway down 2.9%.

Italians at 10,093 arrivals grew by 36% on March 2018.


Fuerteventura is the Canary Island experiencing the biggest problem in 2019. International visitors are down a whopping 13.3% in March 2019 v March 2018. Spanish mainland visitors are up 11.8% but remember their stays are shorter than foreign visitors. Overall visitors are down 11.1% on March 2018.

U.K visitors overtook German visitors in Fuerteventura for the first time in 2019 at 68,591 down 0.8% on March 2018.

German visitors continue to abandon Fuerteventura in 2019. 57,787 people flew in from Germany in March 2019 down a massive 27.6% from March 2018.


Lanzarote is fighting gamely for its slice on the tourist pie in 2019 to date. International visitors are up 2.3% in March 2019 v March 2018. Interestingly Lanzarote is the only Island where Spanish mainland visitors are down at 4.5% v March 2018. Overall visitors are up 1.4%.

U.K visitors are by far the most important visitors to Lanzarote. 128,000 in March 2019 almost identical to March 2018. 37,868 German visitors arrived in Lanzarote in March 2019. That is up 20.7% v March 2018. Some of the German market that has left Fuerteventura seemed to have switched to neighbouring Lanzarote.

Lanzarote remains the favourite Island of the Irish. 21,032 Irish arrived in March 2019 up 6% on March 2018 and the 3rd highest international visitors to the island.

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