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Canary Islands tourist arrivals Sept 2019. A perfect storm.

The bellow numbers are for arrivals on non-stop flights into the Canary Islands during September 2019.

I had said all year that the Canary Islands were riding their luck. The primary market the U.K had held steady when other markets such as the Germans had dropped substantially.

I mentioned that if the U.K market dropped, it would have a more significant effect than any other market in 2019.

In September 2019 arrivals at the Canary Islands airports from the U.K are down 5.1% v September 2018. That is the first significant drop this year.

I am sure the collapse of Thomas Cook is a factor here. They went bankrupt in late September so I would except a clearer picture from October.

The German tourist meltdown continues. Arrivals are down a massive 27% v Sept 2018.

Scandinavians are also down, but their numbers are quite low in September. That market becomes more of a factor from October on.

The Irish market is the only major market that grew in September 2019. 51,871 arrivals up 2.5% v Sept 2019.

Mainland Spain visits are up 8.4%. This is a crucial market, but mainland Spanish tourists stay shorter than international visitors.

All international visitors are down 10.3% v Sept 2018 the largest to date this year.

Overall visitors are down 3.3%.


Fuerteventura has suffered the biggest drop off all the Islands. International visitors are down 18.4% v Sept 2018. Spanish mainland visitors are up 18%. Overall visitors are down 10.3%.

The main problem for the island is the German market. It has been down over 20% each month this year. In September arrivals from Germany are down 28.8% v Sept 2018.

To make matters worse, the U.K market was down 14.1% in Sept v Sept 2018. The U.K and German market were almost equal in numbers in Sept 2019 at 52,000 visitors.

Gran Canaria

Percentage-wise Fuerteventura has done worse, but Gran Canaria has been the real underperformer in 2019 due to its size.

International visitors were down 17.5% in Sept 2019 v Sept 2018. Mainland Spain visitors are up 7.3%, and overall visitors are down 6.5%.

All major international markets are down. U.K visitors are down 13.5% v Sept 2018. The German decline continues. It has now passed the 30% mark. Down 31.2% v Sept 2018.

The important Scandinavian market is also down, but September numbers are usually low and will become more important as winter approaches.


Lanzarote has been holding its own for most of 2019. It will be a little concerned that it’s international visitors are down 5% in Sept 2019 v Sept 2018. Spanish mainland numbers are up 6.6%, and overall numbers are down 1.6%.

The decline in international visitors is easy to identify. For most of 2019, some German visitors seemed to have changed their favourite Canary Island from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote. In September 2019 the island suffered from the general German decline down 31.6% v Sept 2018.

U.k visitors held steady in Sept 2019 v Sept 2018. Almost half of all Irish visitors to the Canary Islands go to Lanzarote. Irish visitors to the Island are up 6.1% v Sept 2018.


Tenerife has been impressive this year in holding onto its market. In Sept international visitors are down 4.4% v Sept 2019. The lowest of all the islands. Mainland Spain is up 8.3%, and overall visitors are down just 0.1% v Sept 2019. Tenerife is the best performing Island in Sept 2019.

The U.K market is vital here. In Sept 2019 the U.K market was down 1.7% v Sept 2018.

The German market is down 22.5%.

All in packages are controversial on the Canary Islands. Restaurants and bars, of course, do not like them. Below are some stats for the second quarter of 2019.

What is the % of ALL IN PACKAGES in 2nd quarter 2019 by all visitors and country?

All visitors 56.4%.

Germany 70.4%.

Scandinavia 67.8%.

The United Kingdom 60.6%.

Mainland Spain 36.6%.

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