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Canary Islands tourist numbers and prices in July 2019.

Visitors to the Canary Islands continued to fall in July 2019. International and mainland Spain visitors to the Islands are down 3.3% v July 2018.

Occupancy rates for the Islands Hotels and Apartments hit 73.9% in July. Down 1.79% v July 2018. Bednights sold are down 4.8%. More mainland Spain visitors are not making up for less international visitors. International visitors stay longer.

Fewer visitors did not mean lower prices. The average daily price charged for accommodation was 83.50 Euro. That was 2.4% more v July 2018.


Lanzarote led the way with occupancy of 80% during July 2019. That was 2.75% fewer v July 2018.

The Island also had the highest average daily rate charged at 92.70 Euro per day. That is a massive 9.4% more v July 2018.


Hotels and Apartments were 78% full this July. That is 0.36% more v July 2018. The only Island to register an increase.

The average daily price charged was 83.40 Euro. A slight increase of 0.8% v July 2018.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria had an occupancy rate of 70.09% in Hotels and Apartments for July 2019. That was 2.08% fewer v July 2018.

The average daily price charged for Hotels and Apartments was 79.90 Euro. That was 5.2% more v July 2018. Gran Canaria is the only main Island where visitors have dropped, and prices have increased every month so far in 2019.


Fuerteventura is having a tough 2019 due to the downturn in German visitors. Hotel and Apartment occupancy was 68.1% in July the lowest of the main Islands. That is down 11.34% v July 2018.

The good news is prices are down. The average daily price was 84.20 Euro. 6.8% less v July 2018.

August numbers should be interesting when released. I have met a lot of people in Las Palmas this August that had booked some late cheap special offers. August would not usually be a month for discounting.

The recent fires in the interior of Gran Canaria may also have an effect on the numbers in August for the Island.

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