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Canary Islands tourist report July 2019

This report is for direct arrivals into the Canary Islands airports in July.

The Canary Islands had a difficult July for international arrivals at its airports in July 2019.

International visitors are down 9% v July 2018. 103,000 less. The most significant market drop has been the German market 27% less or 71,000 people. The collapse of the German market in 2019 is the biggest issue for the Canary Islands.

The key U.K market is holding up. Just 0.6% less v July 2018.


To date in 2019, Tenerife has been doing the best of all the islands. This has also been the case in July 2019. International visitors are down just 2.1% or 8,342 people.

The German market leads the way in declines at 21.6% or 15,900 people less v July 2018.

The Brits love Tenerife. Over 194,000 flew into the Islands airports in July 2019. That is 5,500 more than July 2019.

Gran Canaria

It could be easily said that Gran Canaria is the underachiever of all the Canary Islands in 2019. July 2019 does not bring any better new. International visitors to Gran Canaria is down a whopping 14.2% v July 2018.

German visitors are down 29% and U.K visitors down over 10%. Almost all international markets to Gran Canaria were down in July 2019 v July 2018.


International visitors to Lanzarote are down 5.8% or 13,000 fewer people than in July 2018.

The German market is down 29%. The U.K is the largest market at 121,000 people up 1% v July 2018.


Fuerteventura has the highest % decline at 18.3% less international visitors v July 2018. The Island is more dependent on the German Market than other Islands.

The German Market is down over 30% v July 2018. The U.K market is the largest at 59,000 in July 2019. This is 1% less than July 2018.

Canary Islands tourist numbers since 2010

As 2019 is proving to be a challenging year for Canary Islands tourism, it is worth taking a quick look at where we came from.

In 2010 just over 10 million visitors arrived onto the Islands. It peaked in 2017 at almost 16 million visitors. That is a massive increase in only 7 years.

It was always going to be difficult to keep these numbers as markets in other parts of the world recovered. This years downturn will be the toughest on people who have invested in property for rental recently.

2010 10,432,046 visitors

2011 12.000,324 visitors

2012 11,767,792 visitors

2013 12,187,832 visitors

2014 12,924,432 visitors

2015 13,301,251 visitors

2016 14.891,113 visitors

2017 15,978,507 visitors

2018 15,559,787 visitors

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