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Sunday’s on Playa Las Canteras Las Palmas

Playa Las Canteras is a very special beach and Sunday’s are even more special. This week’s short video is a look at one of the world’s best city beaches.

Holiday prices in the Canary Islands in May 2019.

So how much did a Hotel room or apartment cost in the Canary Islands in May 2019? Are prices going up or down? Overall Hotels and apartments were 65.8% full

Gran Canaria east coast beaches

Gran Canaria East coast – Hidden jewels

The East Coast of Gran Canaria is a very underrated part of the island. Most tourists flock to the better- known resorts such as the southern areas of Playa del

Busted disgusted and not to be trusted.

A few weeks back I mentioned I had a bit of a bit of a bitcoin. For those who don’t know what a bitcoin is it is a cryptocurrency. Crypto

Caldera de Bandama- A walk back in time

Last active over 2,000 years ago the Caldera de Bandama is an excellent example of the Volcanic history of Gran Canaria. The crater is over 200 meters deep and more

Caldera de Bandama a short video.

The Caldera de Bandama in Gran Canaria is a volcanic crater just 16km from Las Palmas. Last active 2,000 years ago I take a walk down to its centre.

El Confital Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Just 2km from Playa Las Canteras you find a very interesting area called El Confital. It is officially one of Las Palmas 5 beaches, but El Confital is a lot

May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands

The May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands are out. They do make worrying reading for some markets and Islands. The report is for arrivals by direct flights into the

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria and beyond

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria began to be developed into a holiday resort in the 1970s. Since then, it has become a favourite place to visit for locals and tourists. Today

57 varieties of moods

Fifteen days now to my 57th birthday. I am not sure why it has become important to me. I have never been a birthday person. 57 is not even an