From here to God knows where.


Cusco Peru. My favourite place so far in South America.

For me, Cusco had almost everything. Great history and the nicest people I have met so far on my South American journey. The Inca’s had three primary laws. Don’t lie. Don’t

Never make plans you cannot change in South America.

What a great way to start the week. A trip from Cusco to see the Sacred Valley of the Inca’s. What a day it was. I have always loved history.

Machu Picchu. Been there done that.

Many people have a bucket list. I have places I would like to visit. If I did have a bucket list Machu Picchu would be at the top of the

Canary Islands tourist arrivals Oct 2019.

This report is for arrivals by direct flights into the Canary Islands Airports in Oct 2019. October 2019 was a very significant month for the Canary Islands tourism for several

Take a walk up the Inca Temple of the sun. It’s worth the sacrifice.

The sacred valley in Cusco Peru is one of those rare times I advise people to see when they can. So much great unique history. A short video on my

Hitting walls. Climbing stairs and buying jumpers.

I spent ten days in Lima. It was probably three days too many. Lima is a nice place to visit, but when you are travelling for months, different rules apply.

Arequipa Peru a city made of volcanos.

Arequipa Peru is known as the white city. Most of the historic centre is made of local volcanic rock. This gives Arequipa a very unique look.

The Nazca Lines. Human or Aliens?

On way down the south of Peru, I took some time to check the famous Nazca Lines. Were the lines made by humans or as some people have said visiting

Islas Ballestas Peru. The poor mans Galapagos.

For many people, the Galapagos Islands are just a bit too expensive. If you are visiting South America there is another option. The Ballestas Islands in the south of Peru

Surprising things about South America.

During my trip to the continent, I came across some surprising things about South America. Some you may know about some you may not. Not many people smoke in South