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Ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus.

When I took the bus from Ciudad del Este to Puerto Iguazu, there was little information online. I have put together my experience. I hope you find it of use.

The bus from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to Puerto Iguazu Argentina departs from the main bus terminal. This is approximately 2.5km from the main tax-free shopping zone.

There are buses that go from the city to the terminal. It is about a 30-minute walk.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

The bus station also has a small area for food and drinks.

The company running the service is called Rio Uruguay. They have a small office in the terminal, but I was told to buy my ticket on the bus.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

The fare was three dollars. You can pay in Argentine. Paraguay or U.S currency. There are also money changers working in the station.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

There is space to put your bags on the bus. The bus is regular. I departed at ten in the morning. There is at least an hourly bus at that time.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

The bus did pick up other people in the city centre as we drove along. It took more than one hour to get past the city centre and over the friendship bridge. The traffic was crazy in this area as shoppers made their way back to Brazil.

After you cross the friendship bridge, most of the journey is in Brazil. Brazil and Paraguay have a relaxed border crossing policy.

When we arrived at the Argentina border, we all got off the bus. The whole process took about twenty minutes or less. We boarded the bus and made our way for the short trip to Puerto Iguazu.

We did not stop at Paraguay customs. I am not sure why. Maybe they share the information.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

Puerto Iguazu bus terminal is small and located near the centre.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

If you are going to Iguazu falls you can get a bus from this station. I booked my ticket from Rio Uraguay inside the terminal. A return ticket cost around 5 dollars at the time.

ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus

The falls are a spectacular sight to see.

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