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Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Did Hitler Live in the Canary Islands?

I always like taking a look at the history of any place I am staying or visiting. Most people visit the Canary Islands for the sunshine and never give a second thought about the island’s history. The Islands have a great history, but one of the more unusual stories I have come across is the claim that Hitler lived in the Canary Islands.

The claim is made by veteran C.I.A. agent Bob Baer. Mr Baer has claimed Hitler faked his death by using a double in his Berlin bunker. He then claims the Fuhrer could have gone to Argentina by U-boat from the Canary Islands.

I came across Bob Baer’s hunting Hitler T.V series accidentally a few weeks ago. In the episode, I endured watching a team of 10 including camera people entering a basement in Argentina. Bob advised everyone to be careful as he was sure this was a Nazi meeting point. Of course, there was no one there. I am not sure what he expected to see. A 125-year old Hitler?

A much more credible claim is that Nazi U-Boats may have refuelled on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura.

Hitler and the Nazis gave significant help to General Franco during the Spanish civil war in the late 1930s. Because of this Germany had expected Spain to join the Axis powers in World war 2. Spain was not in good shape after years of a very bitter civil war, so Franco was not keen to participate in a world war.

Officially Spain remained neutral during World War 2, but German ships did enter Spanish ports in the early part of the war.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

German Gustav Winter built Villa Winter in the south of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, and he lived on the island from 1925. The beachfront Villa had a bunker layout and a tower on top of the Villa The walls in the basement are 2 meters thick. Some people believe he refuelled German U-Boats from Villa Winter. The Canary Islands would have been a strategic location for submarines operating in the Atlantic.

What makes the story even more credible the Spanish government kept locals out of this part of Fuerteventura until the 1950s.

Is the story true? German U-Boats docked in Las Palmas Gran Canaria in the early part of the war, so there was some cooperation between Franco and the Nazis on the Canary Islands. As the war began to turn against the Germans, Franco gave less help. A threat by the Allies to occupy the Canary Islands meant helping the Nazis came with risk as the tide turned for Hitler.

The Allies did believe Winter was a Nazi spy working from the Canary Islands. Spain refused to hand over Gustav Winter to the Allies after the war. He died in Las Palmas in 1971.

Teror Gran Canaria

Teror Gran Canaria

On Sunday I took the bus with friends to Teror Gran Canaria. This beautiful town surrounded by mountains is just a 50- minute bus ride from the capital Las Palmas. If you are diving to Teror and you are not used to the local roads take care. Some parts are quite narrow as you head up the mountain.

It is claimed the Virgin Mary appeared to local shepherds in 1481. The town celebrates this event every year on the 08th of September. There are some religious events followed by one big party.

Teror Gran Canaria

If you plan to visit Teror the best day is Sunday. There is a very extensive Sunday market and music and dancing. The market is best seen before 1400.

Teror Gran Canaria

Eating in Teror Gran Canaria

When we were in Teror, we decided to have lunch at Cafeteria Cerveceria de Cine. Teror was very busy as there was also an extreme athletic event finishing in the town centre. As all the tables outside were full, we made our way inside.

I liked the interior as it had a look you do not see much in Gran Canaria. It was different. I love beer, and I visit bars quite a lot, but I find most of the bars in Las Palmas look the same. I am not sure why that is as it is not a Spanish thing. I love bars in central Madrid. They are full of history.

Teror Gran Canaria

The Bar/Cafe offers Tapas. As there was four of us, we decided to have a selection of Tapas. We ordered local Cheese. Fish Croquets. Estofado which is a stew and Papas Arrugadas local Canarian potatoes.

The food when and if we got it was good. The Estofado was delicious, and the cheese had a nice unique taste. The Croquettes were average, but the Canarian potatoes never showed up. We would have asked for the potatoes, but we had to wait for over an hour to get served. I don’t understand why the cheese did not come out earlier.

The cafe was busy, but a little chaotic also. It is difficult to be 100% positive when you wait for an hour for food to arrive. The people working there were friendly, but maybe they needed a leader. I would go back again on a quieter day and if the staff don’t read this review.

The bill for Cheese 7.00. Estofado 7.50. Croquettes 7.00. Coffee 1.50. Water 1.00. Juice 1.30. Coke 1.50. 2 large beers 6.00. Alioli 1.00. Bread 0.50 came to a total of 34.30 Euro.

Canrival 2019

Well, it is almost here. The biggest free party in Europe. Next Friday Las Palmas Carnival 2019 begins. The opening parade gets going in the Triana/Vegueta area Friday the 15th of February. A free concert follows.

If you are on holiday down south, I would highly recommend spending a night in Las Palmas. You could also attend one of the day carnival events and get the bus back later. You won’t regret it. If you have any questions that I might be able to help, please let me know.

If you are in Las Palmas for Carnival and going self-catering a handy place to go is Mercado central. Located on Calle Galicia, you can stock up on fresh fruit and veg here. There are also meat, fish and local cheeses on offer. If you fancy a coffee or a snack, there are a few options here. Open Monday-Saturday it begins to shut down around 1400 in the afternoon.

Las Palmas

This week’s short video comes from the town of Teror Gran Canaria.

Join me on my journey. 

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