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Durres Albania

How to get from Tirana to Durres by bus

When I stayed in Tirana Albania I took a day trip to the seaside city of Durres.  I found very little information online on the best way to do this by public transport.  Below is a quick post on how I went from Tirana to Durres by bus.  I hope it is of use to fellow travellers when in Albania.

Durres is a port city 35km away from the Albanian capital Tirana.  It is well worth a visit in its own right but can also be visited as part of a day trip from Tirana Albania.

I would advise looking around the city and the beach area.  The city has a Roman amphitheatre that used to hold 20,000 people.

The bus from Tirana goes from the Southern bus station. This is about 5km from the city centre.  To get there you need to take a local bus.

The bus stop is located to the left of the tourist office behind the National History Museum on Skanderbeg square.  Just go across the street and look for the bus stop.

tourist office Tirana

Tourist info point on the east of Skanderbeg square

The bus you need to take is for Instituti .  You need to get off at Dogana roundabout.  There will be a steel statue of a double-headed Eagle in the middle of the roundabout.  There is a stop just past the roundabout on the right.  The bus station is across the road.  Cost of the bus 40 lek.

Once you are in the station or what really is a place buses park you will see the bus for Durres easily.  It will be written on the bus window.  Cost 130 lek.  The buses run every 30 minutes at peak time.  Make sure you ask what time the last bus is when you get to Durres.

Durres bus station

Durres bus station

On the way back there was a guy shouting Tirana for a small van bus.  I popped on and it filled up quickly.  150 lek for this and it stopped at the Southern bus station in Tirana.  Just take the instituti bus again from which stops outside the bus station. This will take you back to the centre.

Both buses took around 45 minutes to travel the 35km on the motorway.

Smaller Van bus from Durres to Triana

The main promenade and beach area is about 2km away from the bus station.  It is a nice walk on the way to the beach with many bars and restaurants.


Durres Albania

Durres beach promenade 

Durres is worth a full day and is full of history.  Enjoy your trip.


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  1. Mel

    July 11, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Thank you. Very useful!

  2. Dany

    July 24, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Thanks for your information!!
    Greetings from Tirana 😉

  3. Gazza

    October 8, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    Good gen, many thanks! I’m of there for Xmas…


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