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Belgrade Centre railway station

How to get to and from Belgrade Centre railway station

Belgrade Centre railway station Prokop

The old train station in Belgrade closed its doors for the last time on the 30th of June 2018.  It was decided to direct nearly all incoming trains from then on to Belgrade’s new Centre railway station.  It is also known as Prokop.

The area

To say the new Belgrade Centre railway station is different from the classic old train station is an understatement.  This is not in the centre of Belgrade.  It is at least 3km from the centre in a fairly bleak looking area.  This area does not say welcome to Belgrade.

Belgrade Centre railway station


The Station 

Once you enter what reminded me of one of the 175,000 atomic bunkers I had seen on a visit to Albania you go down concrete steps to the platforms.  It has the feel of one of those movies where the chosen few had special trains to take them to the mountain nuclear shelter in event of war.

Belgrade Centre railway station

Fine dining at Belgrade Centre railway station

I could not see any place where you could have a snack or a coffee at the station.  The best was what you can see below.


Belgrade Centre railway station

How to get to and from Belgrade Centre railway station

The only public transport that goes the station is the bus.   Bus 36 runs in a circular route from the station to the centre.  It goes to the centre via the old train station.  The main city bus station is also near the old station but I am sure that is also for the chop soon.

Below are the times from the station and as it is a circular route the returning buses should be 20 minutes or so after these times.  The journey takes about 20 minutes into the centre subject to traffic.  Picture 3 below is one of the more central stops for getting off or going to Belgrade Centre railway station.  This is near the former Yugoslavian army headquarters ruined building in Belgrade which has become an iconic tourist attraction.

Belgrade Centre railway station

Belgrade Centre railway station


Belgrade Centre railway station

Nemanjina street


My advice is to get here or leave here quickly.  I am sure some services will be added here at some stage.  Trains have been moved here since 2017 and they still do not even have a cafe to grab a coffee.

There is a ticket office in the station.

I did not even see a taxi outside.  That is a first for me at a train station.

For arrivals from Montenegro that train stops at Topcider station Belgrade.  It is the last stop on Tram 3 that goes to the city centre.

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