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Is Cordoba Argentina worth visiting?

So is Cordoba Argentina worth visiting when you are in Argentina? I ended up there as I was making my way down through Argentina. I had been on a six-month trip to South America. I was looking for a base to stay over the Christmas holiday period.

 is Cordoba worth visiting

I was slightly nervous choosing Cordoba as a base as some reviews I had read from other travel bloggers were less than complimentary about Argentinas second city.

 is Cordoba worth visiting

So where is Cordoba

Cordoba is about 700km from the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. It is 750km from the Northern city of Salta. If you have entered Argentina from the north and are making your way to Buenos Aires Cordoba might be a good stop on your way.

Cordoba is surrounded by the Punilla valley.

Is Cordoba Argentina worth visiting Cordoba a brief history.

The original settlers were indigenous people called the Comechingones. The Spanish arrived in force for the first time in 1573. The Jesuits arrived in 1599. They established a training college, and some of the most beautiful buildings in the city are from the Jesuit period.

What to see in Cordoba

Is Cordoba Argentina worth visiting? Having spent two weeks in the city, I would say yes. Here are some of the places I liked during my time in the city.

Sarmiento Park

Sarmiento Park is worth a stroll down to see. My favourite place in this area was the outdoor swimming pool. A very cheap place to visit on one of those warm summer Cordova days.

Is Cordoba worth visiting

Mercado Sud is a nice small food market next to a bus terminal. A good place to buy fruit if you are staying self-catering.

Is Cordoba worth visiting

Clarkes Irish bar in Cordoba. As an Irishman finding a decent bar on my travels is important. Clarkes is not just a good Irish bar it is a good bar full stop. I had the best stout I ever had outside Ireland here. It is brewed locally.

Is Cordoba worth visiting

Plaza Colon is a nice place to chill out once the summer sun goes down. There is a nice bar called Hoppers Cerveceria on the corner. It has a nice rooftop bar if you fancy a beer after your visit to the plaza.

Is Cordoba worth visiting

Cordoba has some great wide avenues. Give yourself time to cross these wide streets at traffic lights. Cars will move once they are able. Look at the locals and move when they do.

A pleasant way to spend an hour is to stroll down Cordoba’s riverfront. There is plenty of cafe and bars lining the river should you want to stop for refreshments.

Paseo Sobremonte is next to the palace of justice is a popular hangout place for young people at night.

Plaza de la Intendenica is where the impressive statue to the heroes of Malvinas is located.

Just around the corner from Plaza de la Intendenica is one of the main bar areas of the city. It does not start to come alive until after 2100.

If shopping is your thing, then pop down to 09th de Julio street. The narrow streets here are packed with trendy shops.

Is Cordoba worth visiting

Plaza de San Martin is on the edge of the historic area. It is a nice place to chill out. On Saturdays, there can be street artists here.

There is a nice church in San Martin as well as some cafes. The square has many buildings dating back to the 16th century. Joes San Martin is a national hero who helped Argentina get independence from Spain.

The old town near Plaza San Martin is a pleasant place to spend a few hours. There are some lovely buildings here. If you go here on a Sunday afternoon it will be deserted as Sundays are for relaxing and not shopping in Cordoba.

is Cordoba worth visiting

Also in Plaza San Martin, you can hop on the city tour bus.

is cordoba worth visiting

Cordoba day and nightlife.

Nightlife in Cordoba usually means late at night. This is especially true at weekends. Many bars do not open until after eight in the evening and stay open until five in the morning. Many people do not go out until after midnight during weekend nights.

During the daytime, many shops will close at 1300 until 1700. This is also the case on Saturdays. Some shops will stay open, but many people do not visit shopping areas during these times so it will be quite.

Cordoba safety.

During my time in the city, I had no safety issues. As nightlife is later than most places, there will be many people on the streets in some areas with bars and clubs.

Most people I met advised me not to walk the streets alone late at night. Taxis are cheap compared to Europe and North America. It is worth paying a few pesos to make sure your night out is a safe one.

is cordoba worth visiting

Cordoba LGBT life.

For a city of over one million, I found there was little on offer for anyone looking to explore LGBT venues.

X Bar is described as a gay bar on some blogger sites. I would describe it as a bar.

Beep pub is a bit rougher around the edges. It opens after midnight and has a bit of drag from 2 in the morning. It is mostly a small club where LGBT people go dancing.

Is Cordoba worth visiting for the weather?

Is Cordoba worth visiting.

Cordoba never gets cold weather. The summer months of December, January and February are the warmest months. I was in Cordoba in late December.

December is the wettest month, and it did rain 30% of the time I was there in December. It was also quite humid.

The coolest month is July and the driest month is August.

Transport in Cordoba

Cordoba has a large bus terminal. You can get national and international buses from there. There are also places to eat and drink in the terminal.

is Cordoba worth visiting

The city also has a train station. There is a very limited train service from here.

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So is cordoba worth visiting? I certainly thought so.

Join me on my journey. 

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