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Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Las Palmas Carnival colour & controversy

The Las Palmas Carnival went up a gear last weekend. The first week of Carnival is mostly taken up by the Murgas singing competition. This type of singing would not be for me, but a lot of people like it.

The first main party day came last Saturday. Carnival del Dia Vegueta.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Vegueta is the historic area of Las Palmas and every year during Las Palmas Carnival it holds its day Carnival. The action started at midday and went on until 1900 in the evening.

So what happens at a Las Palmas Carnival party event? Music, food, drink and a lot of dancing. Everyone gets into the mood and if you do not dress up you will look like a tourist. Yes, that is me below in my Batman costume before I had a lot of beer.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

If you are currently on holiday in Gran Canaria another great Carnival day is the Triana Day Carnival next Saturday. What happens? Music, food, drink and dancing happens.

Manny Manuel gets expelled from the Carnival

Las Palmas Carnival had quite an eventful weekend. After a great Carnival del Dia in Vegueta on Saturday, many people were looking forward to seeing the Puerto Rican singer Manny Manuel perform in Parque Santa Catalina on Sunday.

Things went wrong quickly as it became apparent that the singer was pretty intoxicated and he struggled to sing the first song. The 5,000 people attending whistled their displeasure and shouted you are drunk.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Manny Manuel was not keen to come off the stage so Carnival organiser Inmaculada Medin took control. She took the microphone off the singer and announced that he was expelled from the Carnival. She said it was not acceptable for the Carnival to be laughed at and that the Puerto Rican will not be paid.

The problem is the singer received an advance of almost 16,000 euro which Las Palmas Carnival want back. Best of luck with that.

In a further blow, Manny Manuel’s appearance at the Carnival of Tenerife in Santa Cruz this Monday was also cancelled by the organisers. I am guessing an advance was paid by Tenerife also.

The story and video went viral quickly after it happened.

Loco Las Palmas taxi driver

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

In what proved to be a crazy Sunday in Las Palmas a more unsavoury episode happened in the port area between a taxi driver and a family.

Several witnesses on social media said the problem began when a three-year-old boy stood on the seat as he entered the taxi. The taxi driver then pulled the child out of the car by the arm.

After an argument, the taxi driver began to try to kick and punch the father. The Mother had gone into the next taxi for safety but he would not take them in support of his taxi friend.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

The aggressive Taxi driver continued his attack. I have experienced a few angry taxi drivers in the south. For some reason, all have been in Puerto Rico. I have never have had a bad experience in Las Palmas. I have found the taxi drivers here to be professional and polite.

That said the behaviour of this taxi driver was way over the top. I am sure it was a very frighting experience for the family. I have always felt safe here in Las Palmas. People need to feel safe using taxis. I hope this taxi driver is dealt with appropriately by the authorities and Las Palmas remains a very safe city to live and visit.

The incident was captured by people in the area. Click here to view.

Will your 2019 Holiday to the Canary Islands be cheaper or more expensive?

Last week I took my first look at how 2019 started for tourists arriving into the Canary Islands in January v the same month in 2018. Overall numbers have dropped on 2018. Have prices dropped? For some Islands yes and some no. Check out the report here.

A Sleeping beauty gets a make over.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

The renovations at the Santa Catalina hotel in Las Palmas continues at pace. Once finished the hotel is hoping to regain its position at the premier hotel of Las Palmas Gran Canaria.

When I first saw the 5 star Santa Catalina hotel I was very impressed how beutiful it looked on the outside. The setting in a well kept large garden area looked special. I was surprised that the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona did not stay there when they played UD Las Palmas in the Spanish football league recently.

As a person who has worked in the Hotel business, I was curious so went online and took a look at what people who stayed at the hotel were saying.

It is living on borrowed time. The hotel is past its prime. Not updated since it opened in the 19th century were common guest comments.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

I thought what a pity. I could see the potential from the outside. I was happy when one day when out walking I saw the hotel closed and renovations in progress.

The Santa Catalina hotel first opened in 1890. It is the oldest hotel in the Canary Islands still operating. It closed in 1914 due to a collapse in business on the Islands when world war 1 began. It did not open again until after the end of world war 2 in 1946.

I am sure the hotel has many stories since 1890. One such story is about the great Irish patriot and humanitarian Sir Rodger Casement.

Sir Rodger who worked for the British foreign office stayed in the hotel. He later was hanged for his part in bringing in guns to Ireland for the 1916 revolution. During his trial in London, the famous black diaries were published in the British press.

Sir Rodger happened to be gay and recorded all his meetings with other gay men throughout the world. One such meeting occurred in the park behind the Santa Catalina hotel. It is comforting to know Sir Rodger Casement was able to get some action in Las Palmas all those years ago without the need of a dating app.

Las Palmas

The refurbishment of the hotel will expand into Parque Doramas behind the hotel. As part of the deal, the hotel will build a new pool and upgrade facilities for the nearby Las Palmas swimming club. The swimming club will have access to the park and public space will be increased.

Las Palmas

This week’s short video is me in my Batman suit checking out the Carnival del Dia Vegueta.

Join me on my journey. 

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