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Oh my god it rained

I know something about rain. I am Irish, and in Ireland, there are three types of weather. It has rained. It is going to rain, or it is raining. Rain in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria is a whole different story.

The weather in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria has been a bit unsettled over the past two weeks. The reaction to rain here is a lot different from what I am used to in Ireland.

A few years back I moved from Cork city to the beautiful town of Kinsale 20km away. Kinsale is one of the most attractive places to live in Ireland, and many tourists visit there.

I rented a house with a garden. I arrived in May and one of the first things I did was to wash a dishcloth. That May was particularly wet, but I was in an optimistic mood when I arrived in Kinsale.

I put the dishcloth on a drying line in the garden and swore I would not take it back in until it dried naturally. It was September before the dishcloth was dry and in the kitchen. Now that is rain.

Gran Canaria

Rain in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria is not like rain in Ireland. It would struggle to be called rain in Ireland. A shower might be the word Irish people might use.

Local people in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria get excited when rain is on the way. The newspapers go full-on reporting the arrival of the impending storm or rain shower depending on your view.

Gran Canaria

I enjoy watching the local Canarian T.V station when the rain comes. Excitement is fever pitched. No expense is spared covering all the Islands when the storm or the rain shower happens. I enjoyed the recent T.V coverage.

The station went live to each of the seven Islands to speak with the locals to discuss the bad weather. As any rain when it happens here tends to be brief, the interviews are mostly conducted in clear blue, and sunny skies.

On one of the Islands, a lady was asked how she was coping with the rain and cold weather. She paused, and the interviewer asked again pushing how cold it was. She finally agreed. Maybe her discomfort was because she was sitting on a park bench in shorts and a t-shirt at the time.

Gran Canaria

On a more serious note the rain when it does come it no matter how brief is very welcome by the locals if not the tourists. The Canary Islands needs all the rain it can get. The small farms in the interior are delighted to get any rainfall that can help them produce various fruit and vegetables.

Buyer beware

People that have invested in property tell me that buying an apartment or a house in Spain is a lot easier than my own country Ireland. It is more straight forward and quicker. That said you always need to be careful when you buy property in a country you are not from.

Gran Canaria

Currently, in Gran Canaria, there are proposals to change property laws in tourist areas. The Government want apartments and housings in key tourist zones to be exclusively used to rent to short-term tourists. For now, the debate has been put on hold until after the Spanish elections, but a recent event in Puerto Rico has apartment owners concerned.

A Dutch couple brought an apartment in a complex in February from a German lady who had lived there for thirty years without any issues. In March they returned to stay in the apartment only to find the locks had been changed.

The operating company of the complex stated that they could not use or rent their own apartment and quoted a 2013 law similar to the new laws that the government are debating this year. The Spanish supreme court has recently come down against these type of laws.

Gran Canaria

The couple had to stay the night in another apartment despite having all their belongings in the apartment they had paid for. The apartment complex insists that only tourists can stay in their apartment and have offered them 250 euro a month so the management company can rent the Dutch couples Apartment to tourists.

The new owners have since returned to the Netherlands and made an official complaint to the police.

While I understand the need to have sufficient accommodation for tourists I feel it is extream to tell people what they can or cannot do with property they have paid for.

I also feel if there is one management company in the complex they can offer any price they want. I am sure they will rent it out for a lot more than 250 Euro a month. If the only choice is 250 euro or an empty apartment than that has to be against some competition law. If it is not, it should be.

Soon is good

We are getting close to the cheapest time to take a holiday in the Canary Islands. Once Easter is over prices will drop. May and June are the best time for low accommodation prices. This is because the winter is the peak season and July and Augusts school holidays will be the next peak.

I am currently looking after a small few one-bedroom apartments in Puerto Rico. If you are interested email and let’s do a deal.

Is it a bird a plane or a boat?

An interesting story I came across recently is a proposal by a company called Canary Islands Wigs is to connect Las Palmas in Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz in Tenerife with low flying boats in 30 minutes.

The fastest connection by ship currently is 90 minutes by Fred Olsen fast ferry but you need to go to the remote Puerto las Nieves on the north east coast of Gran Canaria to go to Santa Cruz.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Although they are categised as boats and not planes they do not touch the surface of the water. The flying boats use a technology that generates power from the wings interacting with the water. These flying boats can travel at speeds up to 200km an hour.

The flying boats will not need the usual port facilities as they are small and can be easily boarded. The first one is due on the Islands in 2020 for testing. It will be interesting to see if they get it off the ground or water.

Are Instagram users the dumbest of all

I used to despair about social media but these days I just go with the flow. That said I do find it hard to find the logic of many Instagram users. If all Instagram people who followed me still followed me I might have 10,000 followers. I am closer to 100.

The way it works is an Instagram person follows you. Out of courtesy, you follow them back. Then they go back and unfollow you hoping you don’t notice. Why? Because they want to tell people they have 100,000 followers they only follow a few.

Gran Canaria

What they are trying to project is they are very popular. What a waste of time. Having to tell people you are popular is not the same as being popular. It’s just dumb.

Follow cop is a good app that shows you who has followed/Unfollowed you on Instagram.

And now for the weather again

Just a final word about the weather. The southern town of Arguineguin experienced a water spout this week off the coast. Locally know as Manga Marina it stayed out at sea. I hope it does not travel as quickly as the 200km per hour Flying boats. To see a video of the waterspout click here.

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