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May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands

The May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands are out. They do make worrying reading for some markets and Islands.

The report is for arrivals by direct flights into the Canary Islands in May 2019.


International visitors in May 2019 are down 7% v May 2018. That is 68,000 less international visitors. Visits from mainland Spain are up 10%. International visitors are crucial for the islands as they stay longer. Overall visits are down 1.6%.

Where are the Germans? It looks like they are in Germany.

The German market is down over 18% v May 2018. 39,000 fewer Germans arrived at the Islands airports. That is more than 50% of the overall international visitor’s decline.

Although the Scandavanian market is also down is not as important this time of the year as during the winter. For example, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland accounted for almost 30,000 visits in May. There were 52,000 visitors from Ireland alone in May 2019.

The next biggest decrease was from the Netherlands with over 7,000 fewer visits. The biggest increase was from Russia with 1,360 more visits.

The key U.K visitors held up well. This market was almost 40% of the overall international visits in May 2019. Just 0.4% fewer people from the U.K arrived at Canary Islands airports in May 2019.

I am sure all markets are important to the islands, but if the U.K market starts to decline, alarm bells should start to ring.


Tenerife did the best of all the Islands. It increased its international visitors by 0.3%. Mainland Spain increased by over 11%. Overall visits are up 3.5% in May 2019 v May 2018.

The Brits love Tenerife.

Over 184,000 visitors from the U.K flew into Tenerife’s airports in May 2019. That is up 7.1% v May 2018. The Germans had the biggest decline down 7,712 -12.9% followed by the Netherlands down 2,297 -15.10%. France showed the biggest increase outside of the U.K, 13,276 visitors, 3,250 more than May 2018.

Gran Canaria

Of the larger islands, Gran Canaria is the major underperformer in 2019. Over 31,000 -12.8% fewer international visitors arrived at the Islands airport in May 2019 v May 2018. That is almost 50% of the overall decline for all international visitors to all the Islands.

Mainland Spain visits are up 4.8% but overall visits are down 5.2%.

All major markets were down v May 2018. Germany down 18.3%. The U.K down 10.8% and the Netherlands down 8.7%.

Gran Canaria international visits have been down every month in 2019 v 2018. Accommodation prices have gone up at the same time. It will be interesting to see if that trend continued in May when the occupancy and prices report comes out later in the month. A 12.8% decline is a serious number.


Lanzarote has been doing well so far in 2019 but had a decline of 3.6% in international visitors arriving at its airport in May 2019 v May 2018.

Mainland Spain visits are up 20% and overall up 0.01% v May 2018.

U.K visitors are the most important at 116,000 people on par with May 2018. The Irish market is the second biggest at 26,000 up 3.7% v May 2018.

The Germans again led the way in declines in visits down 4,473 -18.20%. No other market increased in any significant way.


Fuerteventura, as is the pattern so far in 2019 had the biggest % decline of international visitors 18% fewer international visitors arrived at the airport in May 2019 v May 2018.

Mainland Spain visitors increased by 23.5% but overall declined by 10.6%.

The German market decline is affecting Fuerteventura the most. There were 16,340 fewer Germans arriving by air than May 2019. That is -25.7%.

The Netherlands is down 17.2%. The biggest market the U.K was down 8.% on May 2018.

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