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Medellin Bogota bus. 11 hours on the road.

The bus I travelled on was the 0640 from Medellin. I used the Bolivariano bus company. The cost was 55,000 peso’s 14.55 Euro for a single journey for Medellin Bogota bus.

I purchased the ticket at Terminal del Sur a few days before departure. The buses for Bogota depart from Terminal del Norte Medellin

Terminal del Norte Medellin

Terminal del Norte Medellin. Medellin Bogota bus.

The Terminal is a short taxi bus from the El Poblado area where most tourists stay. It is large, and there were many people there when I arrived at 0530.

There are places here to grab a coffee or a snack. There are also some retail shops in the station.

Terminal del Norte Medellin

You have to pass a security section and show your ticket to get to the departure bays.

Bus from Medellin to Bogota

Before you board the bus a member of staff will load your luggage and give you a ticket.

Medellin to Bogota bus

The bus was old, but the seats were comfortable. It helped that there were only five other passengers, so I had plenty of room to stretch out. I travelled on a Thursday in early Sepember.

Bus from Medillin to Bogota

There was a very basic toilet onboard. There was also a small cabin at the end where you could sleep. There was only one cabin.

The bus did have wifi, but it only worked 50% of the time. Even then, it was difficult to access a website. Apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook could be used when the wifi worked.

The bus stopped for a lunch break four hours from Medellin. This was the only food stop.

Medellin Bogota bus.

The road

This is the main road between Medellin and Bogota. There are a lot of commercial trucks on it.

Medellin Bogota bus.

The slowest part of the journey was once the bus began to climb the hills four hours from Bogota.

The bus took its place in a long line of heavy vehicles as we did the climb. There were roadworks also along the journey.

The scenery

There is some nice scenery along the way. As you begin the climb to Bogota the righthand side of the bus has the best views.

Medellin Bogota bus.

Arriving in Bogota

The journey took 11 hours. The bus company had said it takes 9 hours. Maybe this is possible on a Sunday when there is less commercial traffic.

Bogota main bus station

The main bus station is 11km from the Bogota’s historic area. I took a taxi from the station. There was a taxi desk just outside the arrivals area.

A person took me to the taxi rank. If you cannot speak Spanish, have your address written down. Very few people speak English in Colombia.

I was unlucky to arrive during the peak rush hour. It took 1 hour 45 minutes to get to La Candelaria in the city centre. One hour of that was for the last 1.4km. The taxi cost 25,000 peso which is about 8 euro.

Both Medellin and Bogota are well worth visiting. I hope you enjoy your visit to each city.

For the bus company, I used website click here I took a 2G bus because I wanted an early start. I think they also have a bus called Duobus. I saw one at the bus station. They are double-deckers and looked more modern. They cost a bit more.

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