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Melenara Gran Canaria

Melenara Gran Canaria and beyond

When people talk about the great resorts and beaches in Gran Canaria, it is safe to say Melenara will not be on top of most lists. For those that might not want to live in a 24/7 tourist resort, a location such as Melenara might be a good option.

The south of Gran Canaria has better weather, and Las Palmas in the north has more to do. Playa Melenara is more tranquil, and property and rent are cheaper.

Melenara Gran Canaria
Melenara Gran Canaria

Melenara is 23km from the Capital Las Palmas and 9km from the airport. It is located 2.5km off the main GC-1 motorway.

It is in the Telde region of Gran Canaria, and it can be accessed by bus from Telde or from bus routes going north and south by exiting at Cruce de Melenara.

Telde is the second biggest town in Gran Canaria. It has a strange layout. The centre is 7km away from playa Melenara, and the GC-1 motorway splits both.

Playa Melenara

Playa Melenara is a black sand beach. There are many black sand beaches in this part of Northeast Gran Canaria.

Playa Melenara

The beach is wide, and there is plenty of space even on busy school holidays. You will not see many tourists in this part of Gran Canaria. The water is clear and ideal for snorkelling.

There is a cool area to picnic at the entrance to the beach.

Melenara picnic area

Melenara is a blue flag beach, and there are toilet facilities and a lifeguard service.

Melenara life

The beach has an excellent choice of bars and restaurants. Local people gather here in the evenings to chat and have a beer or coffee.

Melenara bars
Melenara main street

There is also plenty of space for parking next to the beach.

Melenara car park

No review of Playa Melenara would be complete without mentioning the statue of Neptune in the sea.

Neptune is close to the beach, and it is the work of local Telde man Luis Arencibia Bethencourt. The sea has given Neptune a hard time over the years, but recent repairs mean he stands tall overlooking the beach.

If you thinking of holidaying in Melenara is worth noting that this area of Gran Canaria is more prone to winds than other parts of the island.

Neptune Melenara

Muelle de Taliarte Melenara Gran Canaria

A short walk from Playa Melenara is the small port of
Taliarte. There is a small marina here where people have their boats.

Taliarte Port

The local fishing cooperative has a very popular fish restaurant here where you can enjoy the freshest of fish. The Canary Institute of Marine Sciences is also based here. 

Overlooking the port is the Punta de Melenara lighthouse. The lighthouse is quite new and came into service in 1992. It is a semi-automatic station.

Melenara Gran Canaria coastal walk

Many people who like a good walk when they visit Gran Canaria usually go to the mountains. The interior is beautiful and well worth a visit.

If you want a less challenging walk the coastal walk from Melenara to La Gatita is perfect.

Melenara to la garita walk

The scenery here is rugged, and the sea can be aggressive as it hits the coast.

In 1595 Francis Drake tried to attack the Island by landing off Melenara. He was successfully pushed back into the sea.

The walk near the edge of the sea in this area is unlike most trails on the island. You will not find this raw connection with the sea in the south of Gran Canaria.

La garita walk

Playa Hombre Melenara Gran Canaria

If you like a walk that includes different beaches, then this is for you. Not long after Playa Melenara is Playa Hombre.

Playa Hombre Gran Canaria

If you like a large beach without a lot of people, then Playa Hombre is perfect. A black sand beach this beach is prone to stronger winds than the other nearby beaches. The sea can be more challenging. You need to be careful swimming here as there is no lifeguard on duty.

Mens beach Gran Canaria

Playa Hombre attracts surfers, and there is a small town facing the beach. People have lived in this area for a long time.

Black beach Gran Canaria

As you walk past the town, it does not take long before another beach is found.

Playa hombre Gran Canaria town

Playa Hoya del Pozo Melenara Gran Canaria

This beach is a pleasant surprise as you make your way along the walk from Playa Melenara. It is not as big as nearby Playa Hombre, and it is more sheltered.

Playa Hoya del pozo Gran Canaria

The promenade here is an attractive place and a popular spot for newlyweds photographs.

Playa Hoy del pozo

Once you pass the beach the walk and views never get boring.

Walking Gran Canaria

You will come across some interesting structures along the way.

North Gran Canaria

La Garita

Next up is La Garita. A real small town where locals live and work. This is a good family black sand beach. Some local youth clubs use this beach for surfing.

La Garita

La Garita is also a place where locals and visitors meet up to eat and drink in the nearby bars and restaurants.

La Garita bars

The views as you pass the town centre is something to enjoy. La Garita is also a place where people come to fish.

La Garita fishing

The capital of Gran Canaria Las Palmas can be seen from here.

The final part of the walk sees houses on the frontline of the sea.

La Garita seafront

On the edge of La Garita is an unusual small beach. It is protected from the sea by a stone wall. If you are lucky to own an apartment here, you also have the option of a swimming pool.

La Garita Las Palmas

La Gatita town

To get back on the main road from here, you can walk to the nearby GC-1 motorway. You can connect to one of the many buses that pass by. There is a limited bus to Las Palmas from La Garita. A local bus also goes to Telde.

For Gran Canaria bus routes and times click here.

If you like this area, you might want to visit the nearby small village of Tufia. People live in caves here on the seafront. Some of these structures have no planning permission and are under threat of demolition.

Click here for more infomation on Tufia.

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