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October 2019 Canary Islands accommodation prices.

October 2019 was a tough month for international tourist arrivals arriving in the Canary Islands. International visitors arriving at the island’s airports were down over 11%. So how did the hotels/apartments react? You might be surprised.

The overall occupancy rate for all the islands in Oct 2019 was 74.8%. That means the island’s hotels and apartments were three-quarters full or one-quarter empty depending on how you look at it.

Occupancy was down 5.35% on Oct 2018 when it was over 80%.

Does lower occupancy mean cheaper prices? The daily average price charged by hotels/apartments in the Canary Islands was 85.09 euro in Oct 2019. That is up 5.5% v Oct 2018.


Lanzarote is top of the class for Oct 2019. Occupancy hit 80.3% the best of the islands. This was down 4.87% v Oct 2018.

Despite a drop in occupancy, the average daily price of a hotel/ apartment went up 11.4% from Oct 2018. It stood at 84.08 Euro per day. 11.4% was the biggest price increase of all the islands, but an average daily price of 84.08 euro was the lowest of the big four islands.


Tenerife came in second on the occupancy charts. 77.6% of the islands hotels/apartments were full in Oct 2019. Down 4.82% on Oct 2018.

The average daily price of a hotel/ apartment was 87.40 Euro in Oct up 3.5% v Oct 2018.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria hotels/apartments had an occupancy of 72.4%. This was down 4.34% on Oct 2018.

The average daily price of a hotel/ apartment was 87.70 Euro in Oct 2019. This was the most expensive of all the islands and up 8.2% v Oct 2018.


Fuerteventura had the lowest occupancy at 71.6% and the biggest drop from the previous Oct down 10.35%. It is still feeling the effects of the collapse of the German market in 2019 more than most.

The average daily price of a hotel/ apartment was 85.02 Euro in Oct 2019. Fuerteventura was the only of the big four islands where the price dropped from the previous October. Down 0.5%.

What do people spend?

In September 2019 the average spent by a visitor including the trip to the Canary Islands on their holiday by each visitor was 1226 Euro. This was up 1.5% on the previous Sept.

Daily spend was 149 Euro.

The average length of stay was 8.62 days. Down 0.23 days on Sept 2018.

So what is important to the British?

Top 4 reasons to come to the Canary Islands.

Climate 80%

Saftey 60%

Accommodation supply 54%

Price 49%

Top motivation for holiday.

A rest 67%

How many days in advance British book their holiday.

Same day 0.5%

Between 1 and 30 days 18%

Between 1 and 2 months 20%

Between 3 and 6 months 32%

More than 6 months 30%

How do the British book flights

Direct with airline 43%

Travel agent or tour operator 57%

How do British book accommodation?

Directly 30%

Travel agent or tour operator 70%.

What do the Brits book

All-inclusive 39.4%

Room only 30.1%

Half board 18.7%

Bed and Breakfast 10%

Full board 1.9%

Where do they stay

4-star hotel 37.9%

Aparthotel 28.4%

1, 2 or 3-star hotel 10.5%

5-star hotel 9.1%


These stats come from the Canary Islands tourist board.

Recent years were record years so some downturn would be expected at some stage when other markets recovered.

The German market is the biggest issue in 2019 to date. Down over 20%.

It might be difficult to see with gut feeling fewer people. 5% fewer people on a beach than last year is difficult to see. 5% less tourist revenue is a lot.

Like all things, downturns bottom out. 2020 should be interesting. It may recover but if prices keep rising all bets are off.

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