From here to God knows where.

Where to stay in Lima. Miraflores or Barranco?

I take a look around the popular areas that people usually stay when visiting Lima Peru. Which is better and safer. Miraflores or Barranco?

Canary Islands September 2019 hotel/apartment prices.

September 2019 was a month that saw international visitors flying into Canary Islands airports down 10.3% on the previous September. It was also a month when occupancy at hotels and

A walk around Lima Peru.

I take a walk around Lima the capital of Peru. I am surprised how beautiful some areas but only 5 out of 41 districts are considered safe. I also bump

Cheap travelling and getting caught by a scam.

So after last weeks escape from Equador the four of us from the hostel spilt up. The French guy and his Peruvian partner went to a close-by resort. Learning from

The ruins of Chan Chan Peru.

Once Chan Chan was home to over 60,000 people. Construction started in 900 AD and once it was the biggest city in the Americas. The city has suffered from Inc,

Canary Islands tourist arrivals Sept 2019. A perfect storm.

The bellow numbers are for arrivals on non-stop flights into the Canary Islands during September 2019. I had said all year that the Canary Islands were riding their luck. The

A stop in Huanchacho Peru and a scam in Piura.

After I escape from the political crisis in Ecuador I chill out in a Peruvian seaside resort for a few days. I also get caught by my first scam in

Caught in a smoke bomb crossfire and my escape from Ecuador.

On Tuesday morning I went down to the hostel reception at 0400 with little hope. I had a flight ticket to leave Quito for Cuenca in southern Ecuador. For most

The real Cuenca in between the riots.

Currently, Cuenca is enjoying a few quiet days. The last demonstration was 2 days ago. I have got to see some of the real Cuenca without the riots.

Clean up in Cuenca Ecuador

After yesterdays intense protests in Cuenca, a little sense of normality hits the town. People are opening and cleaning up outside their business after the riot. How long the calm