From here to God knows where.

Ciudad del Este Puerto Iguazu bus.

When I took the bus from Ciudad del Este to Puerto Iguazu, there was little information online. I have put together my experience. I hope you find it of use.

I finally end up in a retirement home.

My two-day visit to the Corrientes in northern Argentina has been pleasant. My accommodation was not what I expected it to be. A short video.

Adios Paraguay. Hola Argentina.

On Wednesday, I left Encarnacion and took the bus for the six-hour journey to my final destination in Paraguay. Cuidad del Este is the second city of Paraguay. I think

Iguazu falls Argentina.

One of the new worlds most outstanding scenic areas Iguazu has to be seen. Located on the border with Brazil I take a look around the Argentina side of these

Cuidad del Este. Paraguay’s city of the east.

Cuidad del Este is famous for two things. Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina borders meet here. It is also one of the biggest tax-free zones in the world. I take a

The Canary Islands Nov 2019 tourist arrivals. Greenshoots?

This report is for non-stop arrivals into the Canary Islands airports in the month of November 2019. For almost two years the number of international visitors to the Canary Islands

So this is where the 10% are.

After staying thirteen days in Asuncion, I finally got off my arse and headed for the bus station. I liked Asuncion, but I had become very lazy there. It is

Encarnacion Paraguay. Surprisingly good.

I take a look around Encarnacion the third city of Paraguay. It is a lot better than I had expected.

Hostel life. Hostile women or Heroine.

I cannot believe it is December. I have been on the road since August. The time has flown by as I made my way through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay.

Elisa Lynch the Irish woman who became the first lady of Paraguay.

Elisa Lynch came from a small town in Co Cork. She went on to become one of the most famous women in South America. Did she make her lover a