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What happened in Las Palmas in 1983?

Ok, it is driving me a bit nuts. I first noticed it about three years ago. The year 1983 started to appear in graffiti on walls all around Las Palmas.

Canarian Folk Music

Canary Islands folk music and dance are unique from all other Spanish regions. People either really like this type of singing or they don’t like it. There is no middle

Arinaga Gran Canaria-Hidden hideaway

Arinaga Gran Canaria is a town that can be easily missed. Situated just off the motorway most people pass the exit for Arinaga Gran Canaria on their way to or

Tejeda the centre of Gran Canaria

The interior of Gran Canaria is different from the southern beaches. It was in the Islands interior some of the well-known spaghetti westerns were made. The beautiful town of Tejeda

Canary Islands tourist arrivals March 2019

Time for a look at the monthly arrival numbers into the Canary Islands. This report is a look at arrivals from direct flights onto the islands in March 2019. As

Las Palmas Port

Las Palmas Port

When most people think of Cruise Liners, they think of the Carribean or the Mediterranean. When most people think of the Canary Islands they think of beaches. Most people don’t

gran canaria

Las Palmas Gran Canaria life

Oh my god it rained I know something about rain. I am Irish, and in Ireland, there are three types of weather. It has rained. It is going to rain,

Gran Canaria

Living in Gran Canaria

Living Gran Canaria We have all dreamed about it. The moment it will happen. You check your lottery ticket, and it finally is your day. Your numbers come up. You


Arguineguín Gran Canaria – A piece of Spain in the south

Arguineguín Gran Canaria is the first town in the south of Gran Canaria I have reviewed on my blog. I am not a big fan of the tourist hotspots down

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Living in Las Palmas

A short video interview on the various people who have ended up living in Las Palmas Gran Canaria. Dick Grant has lived a fascinating life. From going to work on