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El Confital Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Just 2km from Playa Las Canteras you find a very interesting area called El Confital. It is officially one of Las Palmas 5 beaches, but El Confital is a lot

May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands

The May 2019 arrivals to the Canary Islands are out. They do make worrying reading for some markets and Islands. The report is for arrivals by direct flights into the

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria and beyond

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria began to be developed into a holiday resort in the 1970s. Since then, it has become a favourite place to visit for locals and tourists. Today

57 varieties of moods

Fifteen days now to my 57th birthday. I am not sure why it has become important to me. I have never been a birthday person. 57 is not even an

Tauro Gran Canaria golden beach dirty secret

The new dream resort of the Anfi group had begun. One day golden sand had replaced the black volcanic sand. Now work has stopped. On this week’s short video I

I love Guinness. Just saying.

It has been almost four weeks since I put together one of my regular what is happening blogs. That is the longest since I started blogging nine months ago. Why?

Playa Anfi

Playa Anfi Gran Canaria and beyond

Playa Anfi in Gran Canaria is a unique small resort. It is not as well known as other more prominent beaches, but it has a fascinating recent history. Bjorn Lyng

Playa Anfi del Mar Gran Canaria

Playa Anfi del Mar is a unique small resort in Gran Canaria. One day Norwegian billionaire Bjorn Lyng sailed by this area. He said he was going to create a

The Canary Islands tourism and prices April 2019

There are now some numbers available for how many people stayed in Canary Island’s Hotels and Apartments during the first four months of 2019. Also, how many nights they stayed.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria holiday tips

A short video from the popular resort of Puerto Rico Gran Canaria. Some tips on what to look for when you are booking your holiday in the sun. Also, remember