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Playa del Ingles, what is it really like?

Playa del Ingles is no Madrid or Barcelona. You will not find museums, art galleries or historical monuments in Playa del Ingles. What you will find is almost guaranteed sunshine. A large golden sand beach and many bars and restaurants.

Playa del Ingles is part of one long beach that starts in San Agustin and ends in Faro Maspalomas and is over 6km long.

Playa del Ingles

Where is Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is on the southern tip of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is one of the larger Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are off the north African coast.

One of the main reasons people go to the Canary Islands is for the weather. The Islands enjoy almost unlimited sunshine. The temperature does not fluctuate wildly throughout the year. Winter temperatures range from 20c to 25c. August and September can hit 30c at times.

View of beach

What type of people visit Playa del Ingles

The Canary Islands primary season is during winter. The islands are Europe’s go-to place for winter sunshine. The Canaries are the nearest location where Europeans can find sun and high temperatures during the winter.

May and June are the quietest months for holidays on the Islands and the best time for deals on accommodation. The months of July and August are popular for the summer school holidays.

The Canary Islands mostly attract a more mature visitor and families. Many retired Europeans live on the islands from October to March escaping the harsh northern European winter.

For younger people, Playa del Ingles is the most lively part of Gran Canaria. There are many bars and clubs there.

The beaches

Playa del Ingles is located in the middle section of the 6km long beach that runs from San Agustin and Maspalomas and more popular with families than the other two sections.

Maspalomas beach and Playa del Ingles are one long beach, but they have a different look and feel.

Playa Maspalomas

Playa Maspalomas is famous for its sand dunes. There are a lot of nudist sections in Playa Maspalomas near the dunes. If you are looking for a family section, the very end of Maspalomas beach at Faro is what you will want.

In the main section of Playa del Ingles, there is a commercial centre. Here you will find many bars, restaurants and shops.

A tip should you eat or drink in this centre. Try not to sit on the front seats as there are many people selling various items and you will be asked to buy things all the time. This type of activity is not allowed on the beach.

Playa del Ingles bars

Eating and drinking in Playa del Ingles

There are many bars and restaurants in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria. Wherever there are many hotels and holiday apartments you will also find bars and restaurants. Some may be very basic and provide entertainment.

There are some larger centres that have a better choice of bars and restaurants.

The Yumbo Centre

The Yumbo Centre is the largest entertainment area in Playa del Ingles. The Yumbo is also the largest Gay area in Europe.

As the Yumbo has many bars and restaurants the centre is not exclusively gay.

Yumbo centre Playa del Ingles

The Yumbo is more and more attracting straight and family visitors. There is a great selection of restaurants offering all types of cuisines.

If you are in the Yumbo Centre try to take in the many drag shows. They start around 2100 in the evening on the ground floor. On the first floor, they start later until the early hours.

Kasbah shopping centre

The Kasbah is a smaller version of the Yumbo centre and they are both just a 15-minute walk from each other.

The Kasbah attracts a younger crowd than the Yumbo centre. Many local people go here at weekends. Young people travel from the capital Las Palmas in the north to enjoy the nightclubs located here.

Kasbah centre

Because of its younger clientel, you may be more likely to be offered drugs in this area. This, of course, can happen anywhere.

Kasbah shopping

The centre also has a number of restaurants and shops.

CC Tropical

The Tropical centre is more of a daytime early evening location. The centre has a few bars but it is more a place for eating rather than drinking.

Tropical centre Playa del Ingles

Some of the restaurants here have great sea views.

There is a good selection of shops to choose from at CC Tropical.

Shopping Playa del Ingles

Coastal walk

If fancy getting some light exercise there is a very pleasant coastal walkway from Playa del Ingles to San Agustin.

San Agustin

San Agustin is on the edge of Playa del Ingles and is the route to take to the airport and the north of Gran Canaria.

The Hotels in San Agustin tend to be of a higher quality then Playa del Ingles. Accommodation tends to cost more here. There are also some good standard restaurants located here.

As you walk from Playa del Ingles to San Agustin you will see a number of small beaches.

These beaches are not as busy as the larger beaches but are popular with people staying in nearby hotels.

Gran Canaria beaches

There is also a walkway to parts of Maspalomas behind the dunes. The walkway does not extend all the way to Faro. When the boardwalk ends you can continue your walk through the dunes or regular streets.

Playa del Ingles

Distances from

The North

Airport 29km

Telde 40km

Las Palmas 54km

The West

Playa Anfi del Mar 19km

Puerto Rico 25km

Playa Amadores 26km

Puerto de Mogan 29km

The interior

Fataga 21km

Tejeda 52km. Tejeda is a beautiful town in the centre of Gran Canaria.

Teror 62km. Teror is the religious centre of the island and is set in a pretty location overlooked by mountains.

If you want to know more about Tejeda and the interior of Gran Canaria click here.

Playa del Ingles

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The capital Las Palmas is worth a visit. To see things you should do in Las Palmas click here.

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