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Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria and beyond

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria began to be developed into a holiday resort in the 1970s. Since then, it has become a favourite place to visit for locals and tourists.

Today it is an entirely different place from the sleepy fishing village post development.

The artificial golden sand beach attracts tourists and daytrippers all months of the year.

Adjacent to the beach is a marina should you arrive in Puerto Rico by boat.

Puerto Rico Marina

Things to know about Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

If you have not been to Puerto Rico, there are some things you may need to know before you go.

Where is it.

The famous resorts of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas are on the southern tip of Gran Canaria. Puerto Rico is 22km from these resorts as you go up the west side of Gran Canaria.

10km further north of Puerto Rico is the last of the main resorts on the west. Puerto Mogan.

Purto Rico layout

Unlike Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, which are mostly flat, many Hotels and Apartments in Puerto Rico are on hills.

If you have mobility issues, this could be an issue. Taxis are cheap as most journeys are short.

Who goes to Puerto Rico

The resort tends to attract families and middle-aged visitors. During the winter, many retired people live in Puerto Rico. Especially people from Northern Europe escaping winter. The peak for these visitors is from October to March.

There are plenty of bars for all ages, but if you are looking for a more lively holiday, Playa del Ingles might be a better choice.

The weather

This part of Gran Canaria has the best weather on the Island. During the winter the temperature is normally a pleasant 20 to 25c. Nights can be cooler and require a jacket.

August and September are usually the warmest months. 30c and higher are quite regular.

When is the best time to go?

It depends on what you want. November to February are the busiest months. Therefore they are also the most expensive months for accommodation.

May and June are the quietest months, so they are the cheapest for accommodation.

As May and June are the quietest months if Hotels are doing renovations, these are the months they will do this work. It might be a good idea to check before you book.


For the most part, there are two types of accommodation in Puerto Rico.

Aparthotels have usually basic apartments. They will have a pool and in most cases have an area selling drinks and some food. They tend to charge extra for wifi, TVs and other items.

The other popular accommodation is private apartments. These are individual apartments in complexes. Most will have swimming pools and are typically quieter than Aparthotels.


Taxis are plentiful. Puerto Rico is on one of the main bus routes, so buses are regular. There are buses from the Airport to Puerto Rico.

The GC1 motorway runs from the Capital Las Palmas and the Airport to Puerto Rico.

Eat drink and shopping

The main area people go to for socialising is the Centro Commerical. Here you find a wide range of bars and restaurants that will suit most tastes.

Puerto Rico comerical centre

The new Market centre, Puerto Rico, is under construction. The centre is opening on a staged basis, so a few bars, shops and restaurants are already open. The outlets here are a bit more upmarket than the older commercial centre.

The market centre Puerto Rico

For the Kids

As well as the beach and swimming pools, Puerto Rico also offers the Angry Birds theme park.

You can easily spend a full day here. The kids will be fully occupied with Trampolines. Mini go-karts and much more.

Water activity’s

Puerto Rico also offers many water activities. One of the most popular is the glass bottom boat. The boat stops in Puerto Rico as it travels between Puerto Mogan and Arguineguin.

Puerto Rico glass bottom boat

Playa Amadores

The good thing about holidaying in Puerto Rico is that you are not too far away from some other great beaches.

Only 1km from the beach of Puerto Rico is Playa Amadores. You can easily walk here using the scenic coastal walkway.

Walking Puerto Rico

Playa Amadores is a golden sandy beach in a bay like setting. There are many shops, bars and restaurants on the beach.


If you are considering staying at Playa Amadores bars and restaurants are more limited once the sun goes down. Puerto Rico is just a short taxi or bus away should you need more action.

Playa Tauro Gran Canaria

Just around the corner from Playa Amadores is the more secluded Playa Tauro.

Playa Tauro Gran Canaria

This area is set for development and maybe become in time another Puerto Rico. Until then, there is a local bar, and people are enjoying the new sandy beach.

The 18 hole Tauro gold course is located nearby.

Tauro Gran Canaria

Playa Cura Gran Canaria

Next up less than 1km from Playa Tauro is the small beach of Playa Cura. This dark sand beach is quieter and rockier than the other resorts.

Playa Cura is a good choice for people looking for a less lively holiday. There are a few bars and restaurants nearby but not a lot. Puerto Rico is a short taxi or bus trip away.

Black sand beach Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico is

73km from Las Palmas

48km from Gran Canaria Airport

23km from Playa del Ingles

18km from Maspalomas

6km from Arguineguin

4km from Playa Anfi del Mar

10km from Puerto Mogan

Gran Canaria beach

If you are thinking of visiting this part of Gran Canaria, there are other great places to visit the south of Puerto Rico. To check out Playa Anfi and nearby attractions, click here.

If you have a car, I would highly recommend taking a day trip into the interior of the Island.

Should you venture into the centre of the island, Tejeda is well worth a stop. Click here for more information on Tejeda Gran Canaria.

For Gran Canaria bus routes and times click here.

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