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San Cristóbal

San Cristobal Las Palmas-Fishing town

As you enter Las Palmas you will see the small fishing town of San Cristobal in Las Palmas.  Most visitors might take a brief look right as they pass by bus or car and not rate San Christobal worth a visit.  They will be wrong.

View from road

San Cristobal a town in a city

As a Guri who lives in Las Palmas, I think I am able to say, San Cristobal fishing town maybe is not much to look at from the main road.  A Guri is a Spanish term for someone who is not a local.

The little fishing town of San Cristobal in the city will never win awards for architecture.  Some of the houses show signs of their never-ending battle with the sea and its salt.   It does not have the elegance of the Vegueta old town area just 2km away but what it does have is a character and a unique atmosphere not seen in most places.


The people who live in San Cristobal really value their part of Las Palmas.  A fishing village in a city.  Just a few meters back from the busy motorway that connects the capital Las Palmas with the southern beaches such as Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Just walk back through the narrow streets of San Cristobal and once you are at the seafront the busy road will no longer exist in your mind.

San Cristobal Las Palmas

Fish Resturants San Cristobal Las Palmas

San Cristobal has been for a long time a favourite destination for Las Palmas citizens who like their fish.  For fish lovers, San Cristobal is a must during any visit to Las Palmas.  There are too many fish restaurants to mention just one.  What I would recommend is just walk around the promenade and in the narrow streets.  You will find all types of restaurants.  Big and small.  Pick one you like the look of.  The risk will be small.  A restaurant will not survive in San Cristobal if they do not know their fish.

If you just want a beer you will also find a few cosy small local bars within the narrow streets.

Fish restaurant

San Cristobal Beach Las Palmas

If you fancy a swim before or after dinner then San Cristobal can accommodate.  Located near the end of the promenade you will find a small clean beach.

San Cristobal beach Las Palmas

San Cristobal beach Las Palmas

At the end of the other side of the promenade, you will see the San Pedro fortress.  For me, the San Pedro fortress singles I am entering or leaving Las Palmas.

San Cristobal Las Palmas


How to get to San Cristobal Las Palmas

By car

Driving south from the city once you pass San Cristobal take the first option to get on the other side.  Come back up and take the exit for San Cristobal.  Coming from the south just take the San Cristobal exit.

By bus

Take the number 12 city bus that runs from the port.  This runs through the main part of the city.  Santa Catalina and San Telmo.  Get off at the Maternity hospital which is across the road from San Cristobal.  Walk down the footpath on the main road.  You will come to an underpass walkway.  This will take you directly into San Cristobal.

Las Palmas city bus service


San Cristobal Las Palmas

Walk or cycle

There is a really lovely seafront going from Santa Catalina passing San Cristobal.  It does take longer but is nicer.

Las Palmas coast


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