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San Mateo Gran Canaria

San Mateo Gran Canaria – Gateway to the interior

The first reference to San Mateo Gran Canaria in documents was in 1646. As happened in most Gran Canarian towns a church was quickly built-in 1652.

San Mateo is Spanish for Saint Matthew, and the town is one of the leading agricultural areas on Gran Canaria.

Many people from the neighbouring towns go to San Mateo for their weekly fruit, vegetables and other produce.

San Mateo centre

Where is San Mateo Gran Canaria

San Mateo is a key town in the north of Gran Canaria. The town is on the main route to the mountains from the capital Las Palmas 24km away.

The town is the last main population centre before you enter the interior of the Island from the north.

The weather here can vary depending at times during the year. During the winter the town can be colder and not as sunny as the nearby town of Tejeda in the centre of the Island.

During the summer it can be warmer than the capital Las Palmas.

San Mateo Market

San Mateo weekend market

One of the best times to visit San Mateo is during the weekends. The market here is one of the biggest on the Island.

A wide variety of local food and drink are available to buy. The town is famous for its cheese.

The market is very popular with locals and can become very busy during the hours of 1100 until 1500.

San Mateo

There is also a section where people cloaths and other non-food items.

San Mateo

During the Sunday market, there is also a chance to get dancing. Many people travel from Las Palmas and other towns to enjoy this unique event.

Next, to the market, there is an area where people can dance to live Spanish music. This music starts at 1100 and continues until 1500 in the afternoon.

San Mateo town centre

The old section of the town is a pleasant place to walk or eat or drink. It has a small pedestrianised area.

If you are looking for a peaceful place to have something to eat, this is the area in San Mateo.

Walking in San Mateo

San Mateo is a great place to start or finish some amazing walks. One of my favourite walks is the old mule route from San Mateo to Valseqillo.

One of the more leisurely walks in Gran Canaria the trek is in between two valleys. The views are spectacular, and Valsequillo is a pretty little town. From there you can take a bus to Telde and onwards to Las Palmas.

How to get to San Mateo

From Las Palmas by car, it is just 30 minutes on the GC – 15.

The bus route from Las Palmas to San Mateo is one of the most regular on the Island. For bus, times click here.

On your way from Las Palmas, the town of Santa Brigida is worth a stop. For more information, click here.

To the north of San Mateo is Tejeda which is in the centre of the Island. To see more information, click here.

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