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Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria-Market town in the hills

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria is just a short 13km from the capital Las Palmas as you make your way uphill towards the Islands interior.  The town is also one of the more fertile areas of the Island. 

Many early British arrivals to Gran Canaria settled in this area as the climate is less hot and a bit wetter than other parts of the Island of Gran Canaria.

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

The area of Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida de Gran Canaria is one of the bigger towns on the Island and, it is a major populated area in north Gran Canaria.  There is evidence that the original aboriginal settlers lived in this area. 

In 1937 the nearby Cueva de Los Frailes numbering 37 caves were discovered. 

Also near Santa Brigida is Caldera de Bandama a volcanic crater of significance. It is possible to not only walk around the perimeter but down into it.   If you decide to take the trek down to the bottom of the crater, you will see a base of ash and different plants.

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Traditions of Santa Brigida

All of  Gran Canarias areas big or small know how to celebrate their traditions.  The main festival of Santa Brigida is in honour of its patron Saint Santa Brigida.  Saint Brigit in English. 

This happens on the first Saturday in August when offerings are made.  From my experience Canarian festivals usually follow the same pattern. The religious part.  Afterwards the rum part and the singing and dancing part.  All done in a good spirit.

In June the town also celebrates the feast of San Antonio.  There is a display of the various flora from the Santa Brigida area.

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida market

It may be a little overshadowed by its more famous neighbour San Mateo market but Santa Brigida’s weekend market is also less crowded.  The produce is every bit as good.  Head into the town centre to enjoy the locally produced food which is equally as good as San Mateo. On Sunday arrive at the market before 2 pm.

View from the church
View from the church

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria old town

Santa Bridida Gran Canaria

As you make your way into the centre, you will come across the old town.  It is not a large area but it is an attractive pedestrian area, and you can get an idea of how this town has been around since the 16th century.

Eat and drink Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

You will find various bars and restaurants in the town.  Probably the most popular is the Casa Museo del Vino.  The restaurant has good food.  The service is excellent, and of course, they know their wine.  It has a terrace area.

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Golfing in Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

If you are a golfer, you will find the oldest golf club in Spain right on top of the Bandama volcano.  The Real Club de Golf is a unique place with unique views.

Town centre
Town centre

Walking in Santa Brigida Gran Canaria 

The area is also a starting and finishing point for many beautiful walks.  One of the most popular walking trails is to the town of Teror during the Fiesta del Pino. The local people still support this pilgrim walk in large numbers every September.  After the hike, of course, many enjoy the rum and sing and dance in Teror

I am sure most do not walk back but maybe get the bus.  I have done this walk during the festival in September, and it is a good experience.   If you have the time and the energy put in on your list of things to do.

Santa Bridida Gran Canaria

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria Church

As you wind your way around the narrow cobbled streets, you will come across the church of Santa Brigida.  This church as many other churches in Gran Canaria has a prominent position overlooking the Barranco.  I have spent many a summers evening laying on one of the seats listening to music in this beautiful location.


Living in Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

If you are considering living here, there are a lot of positives.  There is a regular bus route to Las Palmas.  There are enough bars and restaurants to keep you happy.  It has a small town feel just 30 minutes away from a big city.  Also, you are 30 minutes from the centre of the island.

The town does get more rain than the south of Gran Canaria, but the south could also do with a bit more rain.

Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

Getting to Santa Brigida Gran Canaria

The town is only a 30-minute drive by car from Las Palmas.  It is also well served by buses and is one of the most frequent bus services on the Island from Las Palmas.  The 301 is the most regular bus departing from Las Palmas Santa Catalina and San Telmo stations.  Santa Catalina station only weekdays. 

Santa Bridida Gran Canaria


Santa Brigida is worth a stop if you are visiting the north of the Island. It is a very typical Canarian town with a sizable population.  From the stunning Barranco view to the historic zone.  The market to the quaint bars and restaurants.

If you are going to Santa Brigida by car or bus, consider stopping in San Mateo also.  It is just 15 minutes away by car or bus and soon at the next town as will find San Mateo.

For Gran Canaria bus routes and times click here.

When you are in the area maybe Arucas is worth a visit.

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