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Las Palmas

Senor Santa and Sirens

I like beer a day at the beach.  A concert in the park and I love travelling.  Christmas is not on my list of favourite things.  I used to dread it, but I have learnt to endure it over the years.

Even as a kid I don’t think I liked Christmas that much.  I felt it overpromised and undelivered.  During my gambling days, Christmas was the worst time of the year.  Each year I waited for the big win that would change everything.  It never came, and Christmas always meant I was broke financially and in spirit. 

Las Palmas


After my gambling days, I learnt to deal with Christmas a bit better, but it took time.  I think the main thing I don’t like about Christmas these days is the length.  People will now talk about Christmas in October. That is 25% of the year.  It will go like this.  I don’t usually talk about this until December but what are you doing for Christmas.

Here in Spain, it is not as bad.  People don’t seem to get to get into the Christmas spirit until a few weeks before.  I prefer it that way.  Christmas should be enjoyed but not one in every four days. 

I do know many people enjoy Christmas.  I think having children makes a difference.  As this will be my last weekly blog before Christmas day, I would like to wish a happy Christmas to all who enjoy this time of year.  For a lot of people who find this a tough time to get through.  Save your money over Christmas and be the only person who is debt free and able to go for a pint in January. 

Its enough to make you sick

Las Palmas is a nice place to live, but it is not perfect.  It can be a city of contradictions.  Many bars cannot have music after 9 pm.  The beautiful Vegueta in the old town, if it were in any other country, would be full every night.  During last years Carnival the parade had to stop all music in one street due to complaints.  People power as to what goes on in their street here is strong in my opinion too strong.  I wonder where these people go to socialise.  Other peoples streets I suspect.  

Then there are the Ambulances in Las Palmas.  It feels like there is one for everyone in Las Palmas. They are a constant on Las Palmas streets. 

The ambulances of Las Palmas use their sirens all the time.  If the ambulances are full or empty.  Emergency or no emergency.  As I look out the window from my apartment at the bar who cannot play music at 9 pm as the ambulance sirens blare all day and night, I wonder which is worse for my health. 

What’s happening in Las Palmas

The stand up surfing world cup is holding is currently on in Las Palmas.  Some of the worlds top surfers in this event will battle for first place.  The competition is at the Las Arenas area of Las Canteras.

The annual dog race in Parque Romano on Sunday is as popular as ever  Everyone in Gran Canaria seems to have a dog. A small one if you live in an apartment and a larger one in the countryside. 

Las Palmas
Las Palmas

A pre- Christmas concert took place at Parque San Telmo.  The Parque is looking well with its decorations.  The nativity scene also drew a big crowd. 

Las Palmas
Las Palmas
Las Palmas

The Jesus effect

One way I use to promote my blog is over social media.  I am not new to social media as during my times in hotels I used it at times.  I know the value and the pitfalls.  If you use Facebook to promote your business, they are not going to allow you to sign up 5,000 followers and advertise for free.  Why would they?  They want to make money. 

One of the problems with social media is usually people.  Recently I have been uploading pictures of my travels on Instagram.  I have about 100 followers. This number would be considered quite small.  I always follow back out of courtesy unless I suspect a request for a one- way ticket and a proposal of marriage will be required. 

I have noticed that despite my following people who followed me the 100 people has not moved up.  On further investigation, I have seen a trend  What I found is some people with up to 20,000 or more followers have followed me. I followed back and then looked again later, and they had unfollowed me.  I hope you are following what I am saying.

I have also noticed that these people with 20,000 or more followers very rarely follow anyone.  The only reason I can think why anyone would do this is to say to people look how popular I am. Why would you bother? I wonder if Instagram was around during the time of Jesus would he have followed back the twelve apostles. 

las palmas

That is it for this weeks post.  It is a bit shorter than usual, but I feel the Christmas cloud descending over my head.  Again to all of you that enjoy this time of year have a great Christmas.  For those like myself who Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year.  Hang in there and remember that in a few weeks it won’t be Christmas again for another nine months. 

This week’s short video come from the unique town of Firgas Gran Canaria.  I give a quick lesson on the Canary Islands.   Click here. 

Join me on my journey. 

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