From here to God knows where.


Skopje Center

Project Skopje 2014. Ancient Macedonia or Macedonialand

Skopje in Macedonia is a bit of a strange city.  Like most capital cities it wants to show its strength in its centre.  Back in 2010, the government was not happy with how the centre looked so plan Skopje 2014 was implemented.  Is it ancient Greece.  Disneyland or maybe Macedonia land.

Museum of Socialist Art Sofia

Is it right or left to Skopje Macedonia.

I left Las Palmas Gran Canaria one month today.  It has been an interesting month so far but I have had times when I have wondered if I have done the right thing.  One thing I decided when I started this blog that it would be one thing for sure.  Honest.

The start of something or the end of the line?

So what in Gods name am I doing alone in Sofia Bulgaria at the age of fifty-six?   I have already said when I know I would let everyone else know.  After 3 weeks in Sofia, I am maybe 1% closer to knowing why I am here.  99% to go.  Here is the story so far as I know it.

Hyperinflation. Religion and the No Egg Cafe.

The world should have one standard closing time for bars.  Too early in Ireland, Italy, Cuba and Bulgaria.  Maybe a bit too late in Prague and Berlin.  Spain perfect.

Monument to the Soviet Army Sofia

I take a brief look on my youtube channel of the controversial memorial to the Soviet Army in Sofia.  It has today become an iconic location for democratic protests.

Looking Irish. The Kerry O’Mahony and Trains.

As I walk into the bar in Sofia I hear hello Irishman.  I say I am sorry I don’t remember you.  Where did we meet?  We never met he said.  You look Irish.  I think have my 4 years laying on the beaches of Gran Canaria counted for nothing.

Protest in Sofia about Bulgaria's Demographic Crisis

Soft communism hard democracy

I just found out.  The world never achieved true communism.  As far as I can see it never passed stage 2 out of 5. All the workers had to do was have faith.  Utopia was near.  I am not sure why religion and communism never got on.  Sounds a bit similar to me.

Sofia apartment block

Hey where is everyone going.

Hi.  What are you doing in Sofia?  I came to live here for awhile.  Why now.  Everyone leaves Sofia in July and August.

No adiós a Las Palmas, pero hasta luego

So it is really happening.  I have arrived in Barcelona on the first leg of my journey to Sofia Bulgaria.  I knew it would not be easy but it was even more emotional than I had thought.

Over Developed and Drag Queens.

Last Friday night I popped down south to Playa del Ingles as I entered my last weekend on Gran Canaria.  Playa del Ingles is a popular resort for many people.  I can understand why but having seen it over the past 4 years I do find it for the most part soulless.