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Teror Gran Canaria

Teror Gran Canaria -The religion centre of the Island

Teror Gran Canaria is the most important religious centre on the Gran Canaria. It is said the Virgin Mary appeared to shepherds on top of a pine tree in Teror Gran Canaria in 1481.

In 1914 the pope proclaimed the Virgin Mary the patron saint of Gran Canaria. Every year on the 08th of September the Fiesta de la Virgin del Pino takes place in Teror Gran Canaria.

Many locals walk from nearby towns to take part in the festivities. As with all festivals in Gran Canaria once the religious ceremonies are over the fun starts. Music dancing and drinking of the favourite drink of Gran Canaria rum begin.

teror gran canaria

Teror water

Teror is also famous for its spring water. The spring water from Teror is called Fuente Agria in English sour spring water. All residents of Teror Gran Canaria are allowed to access 50 litres of Fuente Agria yearly. The rest of us can buy Teror spring water which is available widely on Island.

Teror Gran Canaria

Teror Sunday Market

Teror has one of the best Sunday Markets in Gran Canaria. If the day is sunny, the town is packed with locals and tourists checking out the colourful market stalls.

There is a wide range of products on offer. Arts and crafts. Local cheese and chocolate and of course local rum. You can also experience local music and dancing on Sundays. The Teror Sunday market runs from 0800-1500.

Teror Gran Canaria

Did you know?

Simon Boliver, the famous El Libertador family, came from Teror Gran Canaria. Bernardo Rodríguez del Toro left Teror in Gran Canaria for a better life in Venezuela. One of his descendants became the most famous South American of all time.

Boliver was in the Venezuelan army, and he managed to liberate Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama from the Spanish empire.

There is a bust of El Libertador in Teror in Plaza Teresa de Bolívar in the town.

Teror Church
Teror Church

Basilica of the Virgen del Pino

The Basilica in Teror is well worth seeing. It began construction in 1767 and is the primary church in Gran Canaria. The Basilica stands tall in Plaza del Pino in the centre of town.

When you are inside look up at the impressive wooden ceiling. Inside also you can see some great artwork on the walls and sculptures.

Nearby is the Museum of the Caretakers of the Virgin. It is is open to the public Monday to Friday. Check online for times.

Teror market
Teror market

Teror Balconies

Here is one of the best towns in Gran Canaria to see Canarian Balcony houses. The main street has many of these beautiful houses. The adjacent narrow streets also have some of this type of architecture.

Teror bar
Teror bar

Eat and Drink

Many people when they visit Teror to try the local restaurants/bars. The town has plenty of choices if you fancy trying some of the local dishes.

Teror Gran Canaria
Teror Gran Canaria

Teror location

Teror Gran Canaria is 22km from the capital Gran Canaria. It is in a very scenic area surrounded by mountains. Most days are sunny and warm but some days can be cold if the clouds lay over the town. Check the weather before you go. Teror is also a start and finishing place from some of the best walks on the island.

Teror Gran Canaria

Getting to Teror Gran Canaria

There is a very regular bus service from San Telmo bus station in Las Palmas to Teror. It takes just under one hour. If you are driving it is a steep uphill journey with some very narrow parts of the road.

For Gran Canaria bus routes and times click here

Looking for another great town to visit. Maybe Tejeda in the centre of the island is a good option.

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