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Las Palmas Gran Canaria

The burial of the Sardine has happened in Las Palmas

Three weeks of some of the best free entertainment you will ever see came to an end on Sunday night. The burial of the Sardine took place last Sunday night in Las Palmas.

The Burial of the Sardine is a Spanish ceremony celebrating the end of carnival. The Burials consist of a carnival parade that parodies a funeral procession and culminates with the burning of a symbolic figure, usually a representation of a Sardine.

Las Palmas Carnival

The funeral procession made its way through Las Palmas to Playa Las Canteras. On arrival the death of the Sardine was mourned and set on fire on a float in the sea, The Carnival finished with the best fireworks display I have ever seen.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Las Palmas Carnival events

If Las Palmas Gran Canaria is on your list of places to visit you should try to combine your visit with Carnival. It takes place approximately six weeks before Easter, so the dates change each year.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Los Indianos

One of the most fun events of the Las Palmas Carnival is Los Indianos. In times past many Canarians went to Cuba to make their fortunes in the sugarcane industry. On their return to the Canary Islands, they dressed in white to show off their wealth. Locals began to mock them by throwing white powder on them. See the below video to see the Los Indianos fun.

Carnival Updates

Manny Manuel the Puerto Rican singer who was ordered off stage for been drunk at Las Palmas Carnival has ended up in a hospital in Tenerife for depression.

The day after his expulsion from the Carnival Manny accused the organisers of setting him up and plotting the whole thing.

After mass media coverage Manny took refuge in the Tenerife hospital. He was due to play at the Tenerife Carnival, but it was cancelled after the Las Palmas episode.

Las Palmas had paid 15,000 euro in advance to Manny which it wants back. Tenerife were more prudent and had paid no such money upfront.

The latest is that Manny is now going to sing in the town of Guimar in Tenerife on the 30th of March. Manny still denies he was drunk. He said he was having a bad day.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

On my previous post, I had reported on an incident between a taxi driver and a family in Las Palmas. An argument was captured on a phone camera and went viral. The video showed the taxi driver trying to hit a male passenger.

The case went quickly to court, and it emerged the passenger had hit the driver after he tried to pull his child from the Taxi. The child was standing on the seat.

Who was right and who was wrong? I will leave that up to you. The taxi driver was condemned by many people on social media before the full facts were know. I had also expressed shock.

The social media Judge and jury can give instant sentences. For me, it was a lesson in how it is better to hold back the emotions and not to judge a person before the full facts are know. I did see the people who made the most extreme comments online made no comments once all the facts were known.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Online outrage

I have been using social media on and off for at least ten years now. I used it when I worked in hotels, and I have seen the good and bad side of it. I have learned the hard way, and I try to not engage in personal forum fights.

I try to not ask a question on forums these days as I find the first person that will usually reply will be the so-called expert. A lot of the time the so-called expert will answer a question you did not ask and give a lecture. Just because a person has a lot of posts on a forum does not make them an expert. More than likely they need to get out more.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Last week during Carnival I met a person I know. For this person, the Carnival is the best part of his year. Each year he dresses up in the most amazing women’s costumes. Many men dress up as a woman for Carnival. He even starts growing his fingernails two months before to Carnival.

This year he dressed up as a woman from Senegal. There are many Senegalese people living in Las Palmas. I took a picture of both of us and posted on Facebook. I have posted many of Carnival on my Facebook page.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

I was a bit surprised when a Facebook friend who I don’t know said it was a very ignorant picture. I did think about taking it down, but I said fuck it. I was not going to be told by some random cyber critic who I was. I know who I am.

I am very aware of the blackface controversies in the U.S. I know the background and its link to segregation and slavery. I know how it is offensive to many people. As a Gay man, I know and have experienced discrimination.

Carnival is all about a celebration of cultures. You will see thousands of people dressed up as people from many counties. There is no offence meant in this.

Do we stop people dressing as Red Indians? If not why not? People dressing up in Arab costumes? I have seen the local Moroccan people dressing up in Western costumes. One of the best costumes I saw were a group of people dressed up as people from the Amazon. Is this ok?

In a few weeks, it will be Saint Patrick’s day. I am sure there will be people who are not Irish will dress up as Leprechauns. As an Irishman, I have no issue with that as I know it is not meant as offensive. Before anyone says that not the same Irish people had been discriminated for centuries.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

I did not respond to the comment on Facebook as I did not feel I had to justify myself to a person that was prepared to label me but did not know me. I gave it 24 hours to see if anyone else made a comment and then I unfollowed that person. I am sure they took their outrage and ignorance to another forum.

This week’s short video comes from the end of the Carnival event. The burial of the Sardine.

Join me on my journey. 

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