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The Canary Islands Nov 2019 tourist arrivals. Greenshoots?

This report is for non-stop arrivals into the Canary Islands airports in the month of November 2019.

For almost two years the number of international visitors to the Canary Islands has been declining. That continued in November but at the slowest pace for a while.

International arrivals into the Canary Islands were down 2.1% v Nov 2018. This was the slowest decline for a while.

The biggest concern would be the UK market. It was down 5.5% v Nov 2018. The UK is by far the biggest and most vital market for the Islands. It had held up well for most of 2019. The last three months have shown a decline.

The German market was down 8.5% v Nov 2018. The German market has been down significantly in 2019. 8.5% is the slowest decline for a while. The drop might be bottoming out.

The important winter Scandanavian market has been down quite a lot for the last two years. In November 2019 it was much the same as Nov 2018. Sweden down 2.7%. Norway up 0.1% and Finland down 0.4%. This market may have also bottomed out, but we need to see this continue for a few months to be sure.

The next largest markets The Netherlands. Belgium and Ireland were all up 7.8%, 8.6% and 4.6% v Nov 2018.

Visits from the Spanish mainland were up 5.6%, and overall visits are up 0.5%. The first overall increase for a while.

Gran Canaria

For me, Gran Canaria is the worst performer of all the Islands over the past two years. It has slipped a lot behind its other big rival Tenerife. In Nov 2019 it had its first increase in International visitors for a long time. International visitors are up 1.1% v Nov 2018.

Mainland Spanish visits are up 9.2% and overall visitors are up 2.2%.

UK visitors are up 3.9%. The only Island where UK visits are up in Nov 2019 v Nov 2018. German visits are down 2% v Nov 2018. The smallest decrease for a while.

The Scandinavian market stabilised in Nov 2019 v Nov 2018 after two years of a large drop. Sweden up 0.2%. Norway up 3,4%. Finland was down 4.1%.

Dutch visitors are up 21% v Nov 2018.


Tenerife managed to record a small increase in international visitors in Nov 2019. Up 0.1% v Nov 2018. Mainland Spain visits are up 4.8%. Overall visits are up 2.1%.

UK visitors are down 2% and German visits are down 12.3%.

Swedish numbers are up 8.4%. Finland up 2.1%. Norway was down 4.6%.


Fuerteventura has had a tough 2019. International visitors in Nov are down 5.6% v Nov 2018. Spanish mainland visits are up 10.3%, and overall visits are down 3%.

There may be some good news for the island. The German market has collapsed for more than a year now. In Nov the German market was down 2% v Nov 2018. Most months this year German business was down over 20%. Maybe the decline might be near the bottom.

UK business is down over 16%.


Lanzarote has been one of the better islands in a tough year to date. In Nov it was one of the worst-performing. International visitors were down 9.4% v Nov 2018. The biggest decline of the big four islands.

Mainland Spain visitors are up 8.1% and overall visitors are down 5.1%. The largest of the islands.

The UK is the biggest market here by far, but it was down over 10% v Nov 2018. The German market dropped over 18% v Nov 2018. The biggest drop by the German market of all the islands.

The Scandinavian market is not big for Lanzarote.


October was a very tough month for the Canary Islands. Although international visitors dropped by over 2% in November, it was the smallest decline all year.

The German market has fallen by over 20% in 2019. The decline was in single digits in Nov 2019. Maybe it’s near the bottom of the decline.

The Scandinavian market stabilised in Nov 2019.

My experience of reports is that one report that one is not a trend. We would need to see a few other months of the same to know if the Canary Islands have turned a corner. The UK market is critical. It has declined now for three months in a row.

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