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The Canary Islands tourism and prices April 2019

There are now some numbers available for how many people stayed in Canary Island’s Hotels and Apartments during the first four months of 2019. Also, how many nights they stayed.

Overall Jan to April 2019 v Jan to April 2018.

4,159,835 international and Spanish mainland visitors stayed in Hotels and Apartments in the Canary during the first four months of 2019. This is down 2.5% on the same period in 2018.

There were 32,871,757 bed nights sold Jan/Apr. This was down 4.1% on Jan/Apr 2018. Bed nights are a key number.

For example it is better for for a hotel to have 50 people stay 3 nights = 150 bed nights than 100 people stay 1 night = 100 bed nights.

The reason 2.5% fewer people resulted in 4.1% fewer bed nights is that international stays are down and Spanish mainland stays are up, but international visitors stay longer. You would need over 1.5 Spanish mainland visitor to make up a loss of 1 international visitor.

Spanish mainland visitors are more likely to take shorter breaks as Spain is nearer than most other tourist arrival countries.

April 2019 v April 2018 overall

Hotels/Apartments in the Canary Islands achieved a 69.8% occupancy in April 2019. This was down 2.5% v April 2018. This is a surprise as part of this year’s Easter school holidays happened in April this year. In 2018 all Easter holidays happened in March.

The average daily price charged by Hotels/Apartments in April 2019 was 84.20 Euro. This was 2.9% more than April 2018. Again as some of Easter holidays happened in April 2019, I am sure this is a factor in the increase. Nevertheless, as we have seen, tourist stays actually fell v April 2018.

Revenue Per Available Room is a key stat in the hotel business. Unlike the average daily price which counts only sold rooms, REVPAR counts both sold and unsold rooms. It takes the total room revenue made each day and divides it by all rooms sold or not sold that day.

The REVPAR in April was 58.70 Euro. This was unchanged v April 2018.

That means despite having sold 2.5% fewer rooms then April 2018 hotels/apartments made the same room revenue as prices were 2.9% higher.


Lanzarote was the best performing of the Canary Islands in April 2019 in terms of occupancy. The island’s hotels and apartments were 77.5% full. This was up 0.69% up v April 2018.

The average daily price charged was 84.10 Euro. This was up 8.9% v April 2018 and was the highest increase of all the main Island’s.

I am sure a later Easter is a factor here. The Irish market is big in Lanzarote and school holidays in Ireland had a week in April 2019. In Lanzarote’s defence, April was the first-month prices increased here in 2019.


Tenerife had occupancy levels of 74.1% in April 2019. This was 1.39% less than April 2018.

Prices were 0.4% more than April 87.70 Euro per day. The highest of all the Island’s.


Hotels and apartments in Fuerteventura were 67.6% full in April 2019. This was down 9.96% v April 2018. This was the highest % decrease of the main Islands. This has been the trend for Fuerteventura all year. The German market has gone down significantly in 2019.

The average daily price was 81.60 Euro down 0.2% v April 2018. The only one of the main Islands to show a decrease in April 2019.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria had the lowest occupancy of the main island’s at 63% in April 2019. This was down 2.32% v April 2018.

The average daily price was 84.30 Euro. This is up 3.8% v April 2018. I would say Easter is a factor here if it was not for the fact every month in 2019 occupancy has fallen and prices have risen each month v Jan/Apr 2018 in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria in April had an occupancy of over 11% less than its main rival Tenerife. 63% full = 37% empty.


I am sure a later Easter had some effect on some of the stats. Hotels and Apartments seemed to have made the same room revenue selling fewer rooms v April 2018 by charging more.

While this is ok for the Hotels/Apartments 2.5% less occupancy than April 2018 means fewer people using services such as Taxies, bars and restaurants outside the hotels.

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