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Tourist arrivals Canary Islands April 2109 v 2018.

This is a regular monthly review of tourism numbers in the Canary Islands. This summary is a look at monthly arrivals by direct flights to the Canary Islands in April 2019.

It is worth noting that there may be some seasonal factors at work. School Easter holidays

Easter Sunday in 2018 was on 01st of April so some countries Easter school holidays happened in late March and early April. Easter Sunday 2019 was on Sunday the 21st of April, so all Easter holidays happened in April.

For example, the Easter holidays in Spain are mainly in the Easter week before Easter Sunday. In my own country Ireland, they include the week after Easter Sunday. 52,000 Irish people arrived in the Canary Islands airports in April 2019. Up 15% v April 2018. I am sure that increase is an Easter seasonal factor.

Overall numbers for April 2019 International and Spanish Mainland visitors.

1,112,621 international tourists visited the Canary Islands in April 2019 up 0.7% v April 2018.

361,063 people arrived from mainland Spain up 17.1%. Overall visits are up 4.3% v April 2018.

International visitors stay longer than mainland Spain visitors.

The U.K is by far the biggest market. 448,962 arrived from the U.K in April up 3.8% on April 2018.

The German market provided 243,608 arrivals but was down 2.5% v April 2018.

Irish visits at 51,962 were the third biggest market for the Canary Islands in April 2019 up 14.7% v Apr 2018.

The Scandinavian market was mixed. Finland down 16.1%. Sweden down 5.8%. Norway up 31.8% and Denmark up 16.4% on v April 2018.

The biggest % increase came from Russia with 8,785 visitors up 70% v April 2018.


Tenerife was the most popular Canary Island in April 2019. 415,859 international visitors up 3.6% and 161,372 from mainland Spain up 18.6% v April 2018. Overall was up 7.4%.

The U.K is the largest international market for Tenerife in April 2019 at 193,898 up 7.5% v April 2018.

German visitors at 70,780 were the second largest up 3.6% v April 2018.

Belgium at 21,056 visitors up 0.6% was the third biggest market.

Highest % increase was Portugal at 2,492 visitors up 531% and the biggest % decrease was Sweden with 6,670 visitors at -35% v April 2018.

Gran Canaria

In April 2019 289,686 international visitors arrived down 0.6% and 125,686 visitors from mainland Spain up 10.8% arrived in Gran Canaria Airport. Overall up 2.6% v April 2018.

The German market was the number 1 market at 75,986 visitors down 5.1% v April 2018 closely followed by the U.K at 71,334 down 2.7%.

Sweden came in third with 22,008 visitors up 6.4% v April 2018.

Highest % increase was Norway at 21,440 visitors up 44.1%, and the biggest % decrease was Poland with 3,492 visitors down -41.4% v April 2018.


In April Lanzarote had more International visitors 217,928 up 3.3% and more mainland Spain visitors 40,854 up 25.3% than April 2018. Overall up 6.2%.

The U.K was by far the most important market for Lanzarote in April 2019 at 121,306 up 2.2% v April 2018.

The German market was a distant second at 28,171 up 10.7% v April 2019.

Irish visitors were Lanzarote third biggest market at 25,891 up 15.1% v April 2019.

Highest % increase was Norway at 1,447 visitors up 58,3% and the biggest % decrease was Finland with 367 visitors at -61% v April 2018.


Fuerteventura was the least popular of the main Canary islands in April 2019. International visitors at 172,769 are down 7.1% v April 2018. Mainland Spain visitors at 26,828 are up 29.8%. Overall visitors are down -3.4%.

The U.K has overtaken the German market and is now Fuerteventura’s number 1 international visitor at 60,554 up 5.4% v Apr 2018.

German visitors at 59,388 in April are down -12.9% v April 2018.

Italy was the third biggest market at 6,995 visitors down 27.1% v April 2018.

If you don’t like Portuguese or Norwegians than Fuerteventura is the place for you. Both are down 100% v April 2018. No visitors from Portugal down from 548 April 2018 and no visitors from Norway down from 374 in April 2018 came to the Island in April 2019.

The Czech Republic had the biggest % increase with 816 visitors up 41.7%.

Who likes what Island?

Is there a nationality you prefer to meet or not to meet on holiday. Maybe it is your country people you don’t want to meet on your vacation.

Here is how many came to the Canary Islands in April 2019 and their favourite Island.

U.K Total 449,000 – Tenerife 194,000

Germany Total 244,000 – Gran Canaria 76,000

Ireland Total 52,000 – Lanzarote 26,000

Netherlands Total 51,000 – Gran Canaria 21,000

France Total 47,000 – Tenerife 16,000

Belgium Total 38,000 – Tenerife 21,000

Sweden total 34,000 – Gran Canaria 22,000

Italy Total 33,000 – Tenerife 15,000

Switzerland Total 28,000 – Tenerife 9,000

Norway Total 27,000 – Gran Canaria 21,000

Denmark Total 24,000 – Gran Canaria 10,000

Poland Total 18,000 – Tenerife 8,000

Finland Total 13,000 – Gran Canaria 7,000

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