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Tufia Gran Canaria- Paradise on borrowed time

Tufia in Gran Canaria is a small coastal village tucked away about 2km from the main GC1 motorway.  Tufia is only 5km north of Gran Canaria Airport and 27km from the Capital Las Palmas.  It is a favourite beach for local people. 

Many young people from Las Palmas come to Turfia Gran Canaria to swim and relax particularly on weekends and school holidays. You will not find many tourists here.  It is part of the municipality of Telde which is also the 2nd largest town on Gran Canaria.

When is best time to go to Tufia Gran Canaria

The best time to swim or sunbath here is when the tide is going out or when it is out fully and coming in.  When the tide is in space can be at a premium.  The beach is a black sand beach.

You reach the beach area by going down steps to the sea.  It is not many steps but, if you have walking difficulties, it could be a problem.

Due to its location, it is a great place to go snorkelling.  You will see all types of fish as they move from cave to cave.

Food and beer in Tufia Gran Canaria

While you are there you many fancy something to eat or drink. However, it might be better to bring your lunch and water as there are no regular bars or restaurants in Tufia.  Whenever I have visited here, there has been a pop-up cafe that sells snacks and drinks. 

tufia gran canaria

Living in Tufia Gran Canaria

Tufia is unique in that there are still people living in cave homes built into the rock.   Having spoken to local people living here, they would not live anywhere else.

There are positives and negatives to living here.

The positives are of course the stunning views. You will have the Atlantic ocean as a swimming pool.   You will know every one of your neighbours. There will always be a holiday atmosphere from day trippers.

Negatives of living here are there are no restaurants or bars.  If you have no car, you need to walk 2km to the main road for the bus.  The noise of planes landing and taking off at the nearby Gran Canaria.

Tufia planning controversy

Another issue is that most of the houses here did not have planning permission when built.  There is a threat hanging over all these houses.  The government want the structures demolished. 

This may be worth knowing if you get an offer that seems too good to be true to buy a house on your visit here. Despite this fact, most people would rather live here nevertheless.

Tufia Gran Canaria

How to get to Tufia Gran Canaria

5km north of the airport you take the Tufia exit.  After that, there is a sign for the playa.  It is a dirt road but, it is only about 2km.   You should be able to get parking as above the town is a barren dirt area so, if you are not too fussy, you will be ok.  There are steps down to the village and bathing area.

By bus.

The 01 bus is the bus that serves most stops in Gran Canaria.  It is the route that goes from Las Palmas in the north to Puerto Mogan in the south.  It has a lot of stops in-between. A few other buses also stop here as the GC1 is the busiest road on the Island.  For more details click here Gran Canarias bus routes.

Get off at the Tufia exit or ask the driver to let you know.  Just follow the sign down to Playa Tufia.  It is only a 20-minute stroll.

Tufia Gran Canaria

Playa de Aguadulce Tufia

This beach is right next to Tufia.  It is over the other side of the hill, and it is just a 10-minute walk.

It is not as good as the other beach, but it is an option to go instead if Playa Tufia is busy.  Is can be prone to wind on some days as it is a bit exposed whereas the other side of the cliff is not exposed to winds.

Tufia Gran Canaria


Tufia is well worth a visit if you have time.  It could be the last stop for a last minute swim or sunshine before you drop off the car at the airport.  There are basic shower facilities in Tufia.

As with all of Gran Canarias towns or villages Tufia has a festival.  The way these go is nearly always the same.  The religious part.  Of course, drinking rum and dancing will be part of all Gran Canaria festivals.  These days are special.  

Turfia has a festival based around Santa Misa in late summer.  If you are going that date space will be limited but worth seeing and participating.

To see a short video of Tufia click here

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